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Find challenge. You retrieve the ax ourselves like why is it no worthy and even change you? I literally feel like I'm a different person. Yes. Do you feel that way? Ideas worth spreading from Ted. And NPR. I'm a new summer roadie coming up. Everybody cares about money. We like to pretend that the financial wolves that many Americans are experiencing are not systemic. The billionaire since country have gotten much much, much richer in the pandemic. He was a recipe for disaster. It created what we now know as the Great Depression on the show today, a century of money. First this news Live from NPR news. I'm Barbara Klein. Operation Warp Speeds. Chief Adviser Doctor Moncef Slough. He says he expects 100 million people in the U. S will be vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of March. He says 40 million doses will be distributed by the end of this month. NPR's Selena Simmons Stephens reports. The first doses will be delivered to all 50 states tomorrow. Next is the rush to start getting people vaccinated to try to slow and eventually end the pandemic. The federal government is coordinating distribution to predetermine sites around each state. Then it falls to state and local health departments and healthcare providers to actually start administering the shots. It may take a few days of provider training about how to properly give this vaccine for the campaign to really get underway. Selena Simmons Duffin NPR news Meanwhile, the Corona virus continues to take a deadly toll in the US more than 2300 people died of covert 19 yesterday. At the same time, 219,000 new infections were confirmed. France is loosening restrictions on nursing home starting next week so that residents conspired time with their families. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports they'll be able to receive visitors even if they've tested positive for Corona virus. The deputy health minister in charge of elderly affairs, said that injecting the spirit of Christmas into nursing homes is essential to maintain family ties and fight loneliness. About a third of France's nearly 58,000 coronavirus deaths have occurred in retirement homes where residents have been subjected to strict confinement measures. France has just emerged from a second national lockdown. The tight restrictions helped curb new cases, but the prime minister says the country is still in the midst of a second wave of the virus. Eleanor Beardsley. NPR NEWS PARIS The Electoral College convenes tomorrow to officially vote for Joe Biden as the next president. But many Trump's supporters aren't giving up. NPR's Amy held reports for the second time in a month. Thousands descended on the nation's capital Yesterday. Pro Trump ralliers are still rejecting the reality of the results, including the proud boys who call themselves a Western show. Veniste organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, calls them a hate group. Black lives matter. Protestors came out to police tried to keep the group's apart, but by night, some met and thought some two dozen were arrested. Earlier, the president indicated the support was mutual at the pro Trump rally. Wow, he tweeted thousands of people forming in Washington, D C for stopped. The steel be cheered as Trump passed overhead and Marine one. But in dozens of cases all the way up to the Supreme Court. Any notion of a stolen election has been rejected. Amy held NPR news. This is NPR. This is w. N. Y. C in New York. I'm Yasmeen Khan. The electors that make up New York's electoral college are still set to meet in person tomorrow in Albany, despite a surge in covert 19 cases. Governor. Cuomo says the law requires an in person meeting and that precautions will be in place, such as testing, wearing masks and social distancing. State's electors are a group of prominent state Democrats that includes Cuomo Bill and Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Leticia James. President elect Joe Biden won. New York Congress will meet in a joint session to formally count the electoral votes on January 6th. Representative Max Rose, a Staten Island Democrat, appears all but certain to enter the mayoral race in New York City. The New York Times reports that Rose is exploring a bid and casting his potential candidacy is a sharp rebuke of the DiBlasio administration. Rose recently lost his reelection bid to Nicole Mallia Takis, a Republican of the State Assembly. If he runs Rose would join the field of about 30 contenders listed with the city's campaign finance board. There's been a surge in handgun permits a hand gun permit applications on Long Island News Day, reporter Thomas Maier says police are likely to reject applicants who've committed felonies or who have a history of mental illness. I think overall from the standpoint of law enforcement Mortgage guns that are out there, the more concern they have about protecting public safety. Applications are up 80% in Nassau County so far this year compared to all of last year. Suffolk County's five largest towns have also reported a 143% increase, though crime in both counties is down compared to last year. Currently a warm 58 degrees in New York City. Temperatures will go down tonight to 39 degrees..

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