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To have three hundred fifty grams of protein a day. We'll just go from having one hundred to having three fifty. Then I'm before all day, right? But it's just little things that I think sometimes people aren't thinking about, but just try to cut the food ingredients down. That's a really good place to start for most people rather than thinking so much about a diet and being this like crazy caloric restriction. I like your recommendation of, you know, go organic and try to make sure that when you look at something that it doesn't have fifteen different things. On it. You look at peanut butter peanuts steak like you just said like, there's nothing on it. I mean, for people who don't do the food sensitivity testing type stuff, you can always if you're if you feel like you're eating clean and you, you're having some type of inflammation or bloating. It's try and start to subtract, you know, deductive reasoning, figure out our this. I ate this meal. I feel good. I eat this meal. I'm a little bit bloated. Let me figure out what's in this meal because a lot of times when you're just eating the same thing over and over again, it's easy to create the sensitivity. Yeah, that can happen. And it happens quite a bit with eggs, you know, especially for bodybuilders. 'cause they're like that. That's a real staple in the diet. You have tons and tons of eggs and all of a sudden you kind of have almost like an egg allergy because you like over flooded yourself with whatever these amino acids are, whatever it is, how do you get like a food sensiti sensitivity thing. Test? Yeah, there's different. I mean, I use Alcott, but I mean, you can go to. I mean, if you Google is saliva blood, it's blood yet blood. I mean, I think maybe some of them can do it other ways, but I feel like the most accurate it's going to be getting blood worked on. Yeah. And some places are, Where'd you get that information from it picked up along the way, or I started researching it for this, Josh Brolin movie on back in New Orleans because what what had to be done for the character was not necessarily the healthiest thing, but we were trying to figure out a way to make it work on the schedule without having to dump thousands and thousands of dollars into CGI and stuff. So. American back institute. It's the, it's a chiropractic place. They work on the New Orleans Saints football team. They have a whole..

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