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Period where claims were rising. The Labor Department releases results for the entire month of July tomorrow, right now S and P futures are unchanged. Dow futures are up 31 lawmakers in Washington still at an impasse over a new relief bill, and $600 expired bonus dollars for out of work, Americans White House trade advisor Peter Navarro. Tell CBS this morning there seems to be intent on both sides to get Teo Deal correspondent we Judging on Capitol Hill, White House and congressional negotiators wrapped up the 10th day of talks over coverted relief packages for the American public, and there's still clashing over whether to pass a comprehensive deal or smaller measures. President Trump says he is considering taking executive action if Congress can't reach an agreement. The mayor of Ozark Lake Missouri, is thanking a new batch of waterfront partiers for boosting the local economy. One of the largest mass gatherings of the pandemic is planned for this weekend in the Midwest. More than 250,000 people are expected to rubble through the famed black hills of western South Dakota. For the 80th edition of the Sturgis motorcycle Rally, Rick Bushes, the town's public works director. We're asking everybody that that does come to adhere to CDC guidelines and adhere to social distancing measures and best practices. More than 60% of the 7000 residents of Sturgis, who were surveyed said the motorcycle rally should be postponed. Because of Kovar, 19 Jim Krystle, a CBS News Some schools still debating the best way to begin the academic year, More than 100 students are quarantining after six and a staff member tested positive. At a school that's reopened in Mississippi at American University professor who's called every presidential election correctly since 1984 is out with his prediction for this year. Correspondent Steve K. Thin on what Allan Lichtman sees in his crystal ball uses 13 T factors to come up with his determination. Most notably, it comes down to a referendum on the incumbent party. Sizing up all the information this year. Lichtman predicts a Joe.

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