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So it's not just our children but it's a generation before interest for them that actually says the word liner damn slavonic i'm not garden on on your that we this a million times the figure associate our fingers being of dirt with slavery number understanding that keno our fingers being dirt save this you know this during the pressure put food in their mouths other people were standing in bread lands in the city we we had farms we had gardens we knew how to make something from the answer that kind of i want so the kind of pride and people who let them know man a little the i really shabila and this is a religious sacred thing michael thinks there's an important place for farming today among african americans in spite of and even because of their history we need to make peace with the fact that yes our gifts were used against us our economy changing nationbuilding waves were used against us but that is no excuse to not save ourselves a day using those same skills that iran such assistance and that's something that some black senators have tried to do most notably the fabulous danny lu hamer and her pig bank we are going to tell you all about fanny lillehammer enter famous pigs after we tell you about a few of our sponsors when it comes to brush shopping it's all about finding the right fit for you and there's only one lingerie brands that offers bras in sizes aa through g and halfcup sizes third love.

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