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Yeah it's interesting too. Because i think the defense is improving. They have some pieces. Their offense lines obviously awesome. Running game is fantastic. We'll see with once. I mean if he does rebound at all it's going to be huge brune for indie the re effort fantasy standpoint. You know the few i- hilton under sixteen free agent right now. They have that pasco. Who's a restricted free agent. Really the only guys of note that are under contract from wide receivers are pittman and parris campbell. So you're calling mo alley cox could prove to be huge especially when you consider that. He's he's pretty much free right now in. Nfc drafts tight end. Forty seven going in the twenty six round of basketball leagues. You get him essentially super late. This is breath and jordan drew sample hunter long. Devops yossi territory where you can get moily concept advice. Grant him couple of rounds before that to ensure you have him on your roster flipside of the trade feral. Adam schefter chris mortensen say the eagles are likely to turn jalen hurts. But there's probably going to be some competition brought in to philadelphia to see what they do at their starting quarterback position Twenty twenty second. Rounder was hurt. She obviously came on late in the season. Once was benched and played pretty. Well obviously Offered a dose of a running game attack that wentz either couldn't do or wouldn't do after his injury But hurts looked great Last year they have the number. Six overall. Pick in the draft does eagles. They still could take a quarterback there and then obviously you would imagine that her to be more of a bridge quarterback to whoever they draft at six so just looking at the philadelphia offense right now. I know it's kind of a mess. turn rivas asking. You know what's going to happen with. Zach ertz i. I don't know if they're going to be able to get a trade. I think he is eventually going to be released. Giving the cat situation. We already saw them. Release the sean jackson. Alshon jeffery probably going to be released shortly. It's miles sanders. it's jalen rager. you know outside of that. There's not a whole lot to get excited about from philly. Are you looking at anybody and drafts. Right now from philadelphia not me miles sanders with the with jalen hurts taking over potentially only for a couple of months if they do draft somebody in the first round in loaded question ballgame. Good question you know. I saw performances. That i really really liked for over achieving players. It was great to watch for football perspective and in some ways we could take advantage from fantasies perspective in that i had a couple of good games out of the big receiver fogleman. And you know he can be a spot play for you. But but no you know you referred to richard rodgers a couple good games as a catch it and fall down tied in and boston. Scott is is Great complimentary player. And he loves to play against the giants. I coins giantkiller. But all the you know he is not He's not the point this out because these were the kind of players on the field with carson list. Now jalen hurts. I i in alabama and then it oklahoma. So you've gotta player. I don't know of any player in college..

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