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It's 23 degrees. Good morning, everyone. Capitol Police have warnings about possible by violence before last week's its hat. A playoff victory eludes the bears yet again in business. Global stocks are mixed this morning. U. S futures are down nearly 190 points on the Dow. Now. W GM TRAFFIC with Vicky Cuckoos Ian Good morning, a very easy commute for you this Monday morning on your expressways and tollway's. We do have a problem on the C T. A brown line. Kimble bound trains are now stopped at Polina. Due to police activity, everything else looking good. I'm Vicky Cocu's Ian, WGN traffic. Central Capitol. Police were warned ahead of last week's It's hacked. Justice officials, The FBI and other agencies began monitoring flights and social media weeks before the rally. All were expecting big crowds. A recent report claims the FBI in New York City Police Department passed information about the possibility of violence. Onto Capitol police. Police also have arrested a leader of the far right extremist group Proud Boys. He was coming into the city with high powered magazine clips last week. The latest arrest includes several of the men seen carrying dip ties or those flex cuffs. Used to restrain people. There was some suggestion they may have been planning to take hostages. One of the men is identified his 30 year old Eric Munch, Ill. He's bartender, apparently in the Nashville area. Federal agents have also arrested Larry Brock of Texas. He was seen at the Capitol wearing tactical gear and carrying those PSAs similar restraints. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's ready to move forward with the impeachment proceedings of President Trump's Cabinet doesn't take action to remove him. Here's Democratic New York congressman Alexandria Cassio quartets minute and every hour that he is an office represents a clear and present danger not just to the United States Congress but frankly, to the country. Today, the House will consider a resolution that will push vice President Pence to invoke the 25th amendment to strip the president of his powers. Here's Republican Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger. I think the best thing for the country to hell would be for him to resign. The next best thing is the 25th and then sources close depends say it's highly unlikely that he will take that action, but he's reportedly not taking it off the table. It is measured by the House gives Pence 24 hours to respond. If not, the House will move ahead with impeachment proceedings. Some senators, legal licenses could be affected by their efforts to discredit the election petitions have been circulated to get Josh Holly and Texas Senator Ted Cruz disbarred. In Missouri, Texas and in Washington, D C. Josh Holly is the senator from Missouri. One petition was organized by alumni and students at Holly's, all on the model Yale Law School. It has more than 3000 signatures. So far, the petitions say, Cruz and Holly both quote flagrantly violated some of the most elementary ethics rules governing the legal profession. Here in Illinois. The lame duck session of the House continues today. Lawmakers still need to pick a leader more on that from WGN's Roger about it. House Speaker Michael Madigan miss being re elected to the post by nine votes Sunday night. Madigan's been speaker for all the two years since 1983. He's being challenged by two others, including representative and Williams of Chicago who got 18 votes on the first ballot. 1975. It took 93 ballots before House speaker was elected. Other house business can't take place until a winner is declared. Roger. Banish WGN new public health experts are pointing the finger of blame at the federal government for the slow vaccine rollout for months, state and local health officials warned they would not have him not enough money or support to effectively deploy the vaccine. But extra funding wasn't approved until the end of December. As of Friday about 22 million doses have been delivered to states, but just under seven million people have so far received those vaccines. In Illinois, health officials reported more than 4700 new covert cases yesterday and 81 deaths. The seven day statewide positivity rate has fallen to just under 8%, the lowest since New Year's Eve. I've cruise in Indonesia are hoping to retrieve the black box is from a new airliner that crashed into the sea over the weekend. The Boeing 7 37 500 would 62 people on board disappeared from radar. Moments after taking off from Jakarta officials have located the black box is from the jet. It's the first major plane crash in Indonesia since 2018 1 of Boeing 7 37 Max plunged into the sea after leaving Jakarta killing 189 people. This is an older model 7 37, not the max. Now, with WGN sports. Here's David. At least there was no double doing King. This time. The outcome was determined well before it came down to the final play, on which the Bears scored their only touchdown. The Saints Over the Bears. 21 to 9 Drew Brees passing for two Alvin Camaro rush for 99 yards in a score the Saints host Tampa Bay next week. Also on Sunday, it was Baltimore winning at Tennessee, 20 to 13 and Cleveland mauled Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, 48 to 13 7. College Basketball. Maryland upset number 12, Illinois 66 63, Iowa in Indiana, also winners in the Big 10 and the loyal of Lost Indiana State. The Bulls lost to the Clippers won 31 27 despite 45 Zach Levine. They host Boston tomorrow, the Celtics home game with Miami was postponed because a.

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