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On wdbo one Oh, 73 of M and a m 5 80. I'm Ray computer And I'm Marcia Taylor. Get on the W B o payroll. Pay out. You got a chance to win your share of $1000.05 times a day. Next chances at 10 just tap the payroll pale, but it's in the wdbo APP for more information. Dozens of U. S. Air Force planes are headed to Kabul expected to land in the next 24 hours as CNN reports more than 20,000. People are still at the airport waiting to be evacuated. The US flew more than 5000 people out on Sunday outside the airport that is still In chaos. I asked him on the other day. So tell me, what are they supposed to do? What is the interpreter who I know supposed to do because he has not been cleared for his visa because the paperwork it wasn't finished to the State Department process. They said, Well, he'll just have to wait for a call from us. He can't wait for a call, so people are trying everything. They can, the Biden administration said Sunday. More than 30,000 people have been flown out of Kabul since August, 14th by the U. S and its allies. Southwest plans to operate four flights Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Since their charter flights for the Pentagon, the airline says it can't reveal where the flights are originating or going to. They are not long haul flights as Southwest doesn't have that kind of aircraft. Its role is separate from evacuation flights being handled by United, American Atlas, Delta and Omni. For the Defense Department. This morning. The man considered to be the Taliban's top political leader arrived in Kabul. Abdul Ghani Baradar is there to talk about the new government. Isis prompted the U. S. Embassy to issue security threat warnings to Americans trying to make it to the Kabul airport. Apple is going to release a redesigned Apple Mini mashable reports. The new version will have Apple's upcoming MX processor. More ports than the current model and a different design. It is a 35 now at W. D. Bl I'm Scott an as Orlando's Morning news. I've got your weather and your traffic every six minutes in the morning. Modern human again today highs hitting 94 1 of about a 50% chance of some scattered storms, especially around two o'clock. And then after that, through the evening drive for tonight Partly cloudy temperatures in the mid seventies tomorrow 93 afternoon storm chance. At about 40% from Channel nine. Eyewitness News. I'm meteorologist Brian Shield 81 degrees Right now in Kissimmee 80. At Orlando's severe Weather Station. Safe Touch Security. Triple team traffickers go live to Air one. Here's Eric Brown. Before you found still.

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