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Pretty quick as opposed to four hundred for England. And we built it into our into our founding documents to get rid of did. Yes, we did. I mean we put in the constitution. What stop international slave trade? Eighteen o eight to stop. Right. And then that would least confine it domestically and then work on it from there, which what they did. And, and into say that the people who founded, this great nation weren't in large part against slavery is being completely dishonest because what was it gouverneur Morris? What did he, he mocked the south, you know, because the south wanted the slaves is counted for representation. Well, what about those people though Keith who wanted who wanted to deem that black people were worth three fifths of a white person? But, but what about those, those hateful hateful, ignoramus racists, who decided that the worth of a human soul was just three months? Of their fellow beings yet, but I, I love I love how the north was like, okay. Well, if their property then let's just count all the chairs in the south. Yeah, exactly. I mean you can't have it both ways. So please don't be intellectually dishonest Sheila jackson-lee. And again, for those who don't know the three-fifth clause. And maybe just joining us for the first time ever hearing, the three fifths clause discussion, the three fifths of a person was not that was not assigning value to a person. Nope. That was four cents that was for the census, and for counting people, and they wanted there to be less people counted in the south so that it lessened their power base. They're gonna have less representation, if they have less people. This who wanted one to one wanted every slave to count as a person, it was a compromise to keep the union together before it, even started all the abolition is wanted them to count zero. Yeah. 'cause that was the argument will if you're going to your property, we should count your chairs too. That it was making a point a really solid powerful point. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. All right. Let me tell you about patriot mobile, so many of us feel frustrated and powerless, when we hear the news, every day, the politics of this country, most of the media's left wing, of course. Conservatives are being silenced online, even big.

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