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And then Gordon Hayward comes back, and he's not Gordon Hayward anymore. He against that against the raptors on Wednesday night. He looked terrific. But overall the season he's had a lot of Doug performances. He does not look the same finishing around the room. So it's like for the Sixers the Markelle full problems in unique thing. But so is the Gordon Hayward thing a guy they're paying thirty million dollars a guy who had the serious injury that he did that this just does not look the same. I mean earlier the season in article I said how he looks essentially like a slightly better. Evan turner. And I do think some of these issues are a little bit glossed over partially. And I think this is why. Why it might be because the team's depth is still really good. It's a really deep team with a lot of talent. So they like each other when we like each other. Whereas the Sixers it's as you said earlier, Matt they don't have a lot of depth. They permit or defense is pretty much nonexistent with for cork. Mas and Landry Shamet and J verdict. He's a good offensive players defensive end of the floor. Even TJ McConnell Corey brewer now, I mean, we're we're going to change everything on that ten day. I'm ready for the title. I think ultimately the depth is number one issue though, do you feel confident and then being able to add depth on the buyout market. I heard yesterday that there was some whisperings of Navan lay. The they did express interest in him. I don't know that he's the necessarily the answer or anything like that. But it just shows you that like the Sixers, and they said it when they made the trade they're not done this isn't there completed roster. It can't be if they don't add anyone. Yeah. It's going to be a weird playoffs when we have like a six man rotation and everyone's tired, but I. Can't imagine they're done. What has been Simmons is ideal role? He's the catalyst for them playing fast..

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