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His claim that the stress of the job of president of bass wa rations job he stepped down from just wasn't worth it like to be free. And then I got a great life. I was like great life outside of this. What am I going beautiful life? So I'm gonna go back to that beautiful life. All right. So magic looking forward to his beautiful life not a part of that Lakers front office. And here's the thing that I think about this. I I don't know if I want to be true or not either way, it's not a good. Look. It's embarrassing for magic to say. Oh, by the way, having having told genius yet. Some I have to tell my boss because I know he's going to be sick. But I know I couldn't face face. The faces of even though I was just what yesterday. And we had a three hour meeting about the direction of this. Great organisation. All right. So let me just play a little armchairs little three hour meeting about the direction. That's great organization. I didn't like what I'm hearing. I'm stepping down. This feels like a a petulant move to me who doesn't tell their boss. They're leaving. She's like a system. Can you send text message you? Yes, steve. My name's Bert, whatever, whoever you report for genie next year, the press conference and magic also claimed that the job certainly different Lakers fans. Took a toll on I've been talking to people walk in here. We've been talking about makes you and I'm sitting there saying. I'm not going to be. I was happier..

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