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Are looking you in the season on a high note. Obviously, Joe Burrows season ended a long time ago. But still there. It's about the future. Zach Taylor. What was that news? I guess nothing is official. But it seems usually with the first step is to revamp the staff before you fire the head coach on bits. Obviously, it seems as if he's going coming back. But what is the feeling about where this team goes from here? Well, you know, I think the feeling is that this team has a couple spots They really need to upgrade right tackle. Being one of those. Bobby Hart is under performed the offensive line coach Jim Turner. He was the first guy they announced out of here. I would expect them to use that. Probably a top 10 pick. I would assume in the draft next spring on a right tackle and edge rusher re signing Carl Lawson and they're gonna have money Rich AJ Green made $80 million. He's not likely to be back. Gino Atkins contract was around 10 11 million He won't be back and Carlos Dunlap when they traded away another big money guy. They're gonna have the money to adjust some of these things. They're obviously gonna adjust the coaching staff, but it does look like Zach Taylor is coming back. He was told these changes on the staff need to happen or there will be bigger changes so read into that what you want, but it looks like you have in the coaching staff will look a whole lot different next year. All right, Jason. We will check back after kickoff. Thanks for checking in with us right now. I'll get rich. All right. Jason Erhard in Cincinnati. Next stop is Buffalo and Paul Hamilton standing by and Paul, who would have figured back in the start of the season. We'd be sitting here right now with the Bills and 12 3 and likely the second seed in the conference. Yeah, 12 and three. Uh, I never was looking for that. It. Uh And really they're looking at Hail Mary against Arizona away from being 13 and two. Yeah, I mean, they they basically Josh Allen had brought them back down and what? What Everybody had thought was won that game. And then just a freak. Hail Mary happened and you know they wanted losing that game. So, uh, you know, I'm not expecting the bills to win this one. I don't think you're going to see a lot of Their starters. I mean to Davis White and Jerry Hughes aren't even active. Remember last time there in the situation with Josh L and they let him play a series and he's only 40 yards away from breaking Team single season passing record, So I'm wondering if maybe, um That's what's going to happen here. Let him break the record. Put him in for a syriza and then off to Matt Barkley. You look at this team today, and they are facing a team Attendant five, a division opponent trying to make the playoffs to a tug.

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