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Is the number. If you want to jump in with us Zach yelp here with you for the next four hours is recovering at all. We'll get into the eagles story by Joe Santillo Cueto of course, talking about Carson. We'll talk a little Sixers and Spurs as the Sixers and Spurs are tied right now down at the center Bucko three Bucko three with under nine minutes to go. We'll get into a little bit of dot Colladay gutting into Cooperstown for the baseball hall of fame along with that guy. Martinez. And also Marianna Rivera and Mike Mussina, and we'll get into some of the players that did not get into the hall of fame and Amy Trask, by the way will join us coming up at the top of the hour at eleven o'clock, and she'll join us to talk about the behind the scenes of this Carson Wentz story how a team reacts to it. And then also we'll chat playoffs with their as well. React. What was a crazy conference championship weekend? Then also do a little early preview on the Super Bowl. But we got a whole lot to give me a followership me a tweet on the Goodell. Cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gill. That's Z H G E L B, but I have to give my opinion and my two cents on this. Carson Wentz story in Philly voice. And let me before I do that just started off as someone that doesn't cover the eagles on a daily basis in terms of being a beat reporter. But being around the team quite often last year. I did eagles post game know this past season. I was around the team about two times a week going to the novacare complex. So I'm not going to say I have a great relationship with the players are not going to say I have a great relationship with Doug Peterson. But you know, I do get to view things that many people don't have access to and you get to develop some relationships. Over the years and get a better understanding of how a team operates and some of the dynamic and some of the chemistry and synergy that these players do have now there's only so much. The media can say when I'm there at OTA's in the summer, you see a lot when you're there at training camp. You see a lot some of the joint practices, you see a lot. But even when you're in season, you get to see a few minutes of practice. You get to talk to the players for about forty minutes if there by their locker, so there's some things that could go on behind the scenes that wouldn't surprise you some that may surprise you. And some of it that you would not be able to have any clue even if you're around that team every day, and if you're one of the big guys so all through the three years of Carson Wentz being here. And it takes a lot for me to really fall in love with a quarterback. But but I really have grown and appreciation and admiration and a great love. Title of respect for Carson Wentz for the city that he's come into in the fashion that they did it moving up in the draft not once but twice and then getting the keys to this franchise and being tagged as that label of the man and the guy that's to not only be a franchise quarterback. But hopefully a hall of fame quarterback in a multiple winning Super Bowl quarterback. And that's what people thought when they drafted this guy. If you watch North Dakota state play football or not you were under the belief that and hoping that this was going to be the guy that was going to be able to lead the Philadelphia Eagles, not just the one Super Bowl. But hopefully too many and the irony in it in it is that the Super Bowl they did win. Carson was great in the regular season. But we all know that in the postseason. It was Nick foles because Carson Wentz tours ACL two years ago. Up against the Rams that game in LA which ended up winning. And he threw the touchdown pass on the tornado came out of the game and the defense and Nick foles did their job in the Nick foles gets into the postseason. They just survive up against the falcons. And then the rest is history with falls just playing the best football of his life up against what was the Vikings and just a blowout game. And then the patriots where he won the Super Bowl MVP. And then once returns as we get into it. And he gets goes down at the back injury foles comes back in and boom they're in the playoffs and then when a playoff game. So there's so much to digest. There's so much to look too. But over the last three years my opinions been very clear about Carson Wentz. I think he has the potential machine signs of it for him to be a great player. There are some times when he's on the football field. He does things that are Houdini ask and I remember watching games two years ago. We see him run around or it looks like he's just about to be. Taken down and extends the play. And then it goes makes a big play of forty yards. And he was going to be the MVP of the league before he did tear that ACL so to make Carson Wentz has the potential, and if we could stay healthy he's well on his way for being a great player. He also to me is a great teammate, it might interactions dealing with him in the media. It's not about me me me. It's about the team and was doing for the best interests of the team. And I think that he's also really humbled to and with all quarterbacks, you know, there could be some quarterbacks you say, wow. That guy's real arrogant or that guy is really confident. And then people look at it in a negative way for quarterbacks you need to have confidence for quarterbacks you need to think you're the man, but with everything that I've heard from Carson publicly out of his mouth or Doug Peterson. Or teammates is that this is a guy that puts in the work. And he's well respected as a teammate and the labels of selfish and egotistical I just have never seen and once again, maybe it's different behind closed doors. Maybe it's only a few guys only six players in this article that talked in an anonymous fashion, maybe it's only those six players and the rest of the locker room, they genuflect and they love Carson Wentz. But when he gets labeled as selfish and egotistical I remember asking him during the MVP season. We thought it was gonna win the MVP before the ACL injury. I said Carson. Yeah. What does this mean for you in the journey that you've been on being an FCS quarterback? And then little time in the league. And in your first full season knowing that you are the guide having a full off season, you're planning MVP football. And he said, it doesn't mean anything. It means. I it's all about winning games. It's all about the team. So that's not a guy that sounds selfish. Rigo testicle to me? But when you talk about Carson and the. View say great player. Great teammate, someone that tumble. But you also have to have some concerns with the injury with the league. And then also the back over the last two years, but how pro-trade him to you. And the way that I think that he's such a great player and a great teammate someone's humble, some of that you just look at it. You say, wow, you really have a respected and sometimes annoys you that he wouldn't take any of the credit for himself. When you go back to two years ago would annoy me sit there to novacare complex, and I would say, really. This guy can at least appreciate a little bit. You Liz Patrick on the back for for five seconds. Even if the other ninety five percent is all about congratulating the team, but he would never do that. It was all about the team team team team. But the way that he was portrayed in this article by Joe central Quito was just a complete antithesis. Yeah. Here right in the in the headline selfish egotistical uncompromising, and we'll get into some of the things in just a second that made me raise an eyebrow. And let me be clear I'm not doubting that these things were said, I do believe these things were said, I don't think Joe just made them on. Like, I said, I'm only there a few times a week. I see Joe they're quite quite often. For for an I'm there seemed like once twice a week when I'm there and he's not around the team every day. But he goes to home games and all that. So I'm not doubting the things that were said, I would love to know who when I get you can't break that code as a journalist. But when I'm reading this article, I don't think these are defensive players speaking to Joe, I don't and I know you again that speculation game. And you could go down the road that never ends. But it sounds like it some offensive players. Unless there's something really bad and the image that we have Carson Wentz. We're just being fooled in maybe that he should be nominated for an Oscar because I'll be the first one to tell you these things are true. And it's this big of an issue, then he's fooled us all. And I'd be the first person to raise my hand and say, hey, I'm a dummy for believing him. But it's just six players in this article and other sources that are close to the team. So I think that's clear just to reiterate an important just to reiterate because that does not mean it's the entire team that feels this way and we've seen that over the last few days with the a bevy of pliers that have come out in support of Carson Wentz in a basically just thrown around. Everyone's favorite words, these days, and that's fake news. So the other thing that annoy moved the article, and once again, if these things are said as a journalist, you have to publish them. But I really wish they got another side of it. His you can't tell me. That there wasn't another side to it. When the minute this article is published and after everyone sees it or hears about it after an hour. You have about fifteen eagles players chiming in. So there had to be another side of this. Now, those things are tricky because you don't want to reveal your story before it gets published. But if you're talking to most of these players off to the side, there's ways to have access, and there's ways the pull guy aside and say, hey, this is what I'm doing. Can you just comment on it? And do it very briefly. Now, of course was also made available in a public setting. There's waste ask questions without tipping your hand and revealing your story and to do it in a public setting. There's been times I've been in interviews, and I've had an agenda going in with things that I know and I'm trying to and press conference. I'm trying to get the information that I want, and I would put a question out there in a specific way just to get the side that you want but not fully revealed until it's ready to go. And then also. Did it seem like he gave the eagles a lot of time to comment on this which I think you have to and I'm gonna talk show host. I'm not a journalist, but. I think there's a difference in that. But from what I've learned that temple university from the journalists journalism classes that I've taken when when I was a student there, you got to get both sides of the story out, even if you don't think the other side's gonna homage you have to at least give him an opportunity, and it didn't seem like the eagles got fair shake at this to get their opportunity. Whether it was Carson, Doug how we Joe Douglas..

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