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So I was thinking John christened Ski for Ah, Tom Barrett, his character for Jake Taylor. I was thinking, Jon Hamm. Handing a middle aged guy great actor Very versatile. Yeah, he's Ah, He's a very woodsy Amid some comedies, he can be funny s O. I would say Jon Hamm. I like that about How about Sam Rockwell is Roger Dorn. Let's go on. Sam Rockwell is Roger Dorn. I have Ah Scarlett Johansson as Rachel Phelps. Scarlett Johansson. Okay, What about Ah, for the wild thing. What about Adam Driver? You need you need. You need that, like I feel like you need a young bad boy. I was thinking, maybe like like Jared Leto. Okay, uh, I have John David Washington as Willie Mays, Hayes. I like that. So we're getting somewhere with the re casting of major league if you want to join in on that conversation 855 to 124227 Do you have any other ones? Who else do we? Do? We have any more. I've Ah, Pedro. Yeah, I didn't get to that one yet. Pedro Cerrano. Pedro will. It's gonna be a big guy, obviously. But we'll have to do some more research for we're getting started because I'm sure that you know they remake everything anyway. So why wouldn't they remake Major league? Once the Indians changed their name again? This is all in good fun because I know that that the recent history that franchise isn't what it was when that that movie was originally made, But, you know, given the Times are changing a little bit. Thought we'd we'd mix in a fun topic. While we're having the seriousness gush in about some of these team names and what you think they should be. I mean, I think the easy one for the Indians is the tribe to me. The Cleveland tribe seems to do everything that they would want to do with the original name while making a simple shift that that isn't Too hard to adapt, too, But I want to get your thoughts. The Washington football team definitely going to change its name. It seems like the Cleveland Indians are going to follow suit. 855 to 124227855 to 124227 at Robin Lundberg on Twitter. That's R O b I n l U N D E b E R G I'll remind you today at 12 30 Eastern 9 30 Pacific The Utah Royals are back on the pitch and.

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