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Chicago, Martin Lee, Vic Vaughn discussed on The Nick Digilio Show


Chicago as martin lee on wgn traffic central in the forecast from the wgn chicago weather center sunny and 45 today we'll see some hide clouds moving this afternoon but mostly sunny tomorrow warmer another sunny start then cloudy in the afternoon we climb into the low 50s renounced partly cloudy and thirty five at o'hare some fog there when chill just below freezing now cloudy in 38 admit way it's thirty five and i tasca 38 along chicago's lakefront get chicago news first at the top of every hour i'm vic vaughn on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn from two two yeah move v be lay the fleeing sir no moon earlier today a bag everybody how oriented gilio here on seven twenty wgn while we're live and the allstate sitting seventh floor the trip tower here till five am my dad's gonna call it and tell joked monday in its jokey jokey time and it is monday which means the monday morning movie reviews are underway eric childress and colin suitor join me every monday morning to review.

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