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It goes on for a couple more yeah see someone named ben rogers who has bio just seemed like salmon i definitely don't care about but he was gone back and forth with with dietrich and then dietrich responded not that complicated mavs gave no allows minutes because he took the qualifying offer his response to the lack of playing time they have air tated carlisle dallas care about winning and mark even quotes way to that and said you remain clueless dietrich yeah sound like you struck a nerve mascot sure does sound like they reacted with the what was the other guy what was he like he was saying that nerlens is bad or he was saying there wasn't like a bigger your will start at the beginning this guy ben roger said hot takes by bendy trick we got ben on ben battle tales all this time hot takes by ben dietrich on nerlens but advanced metrics indicate that he's that he gets out performed by dwight salah and even dark so those are the that's white powell not howard having eyeballs on it early on would have shown that nerlens simply wasn't hustling was barely trying things of improved as returned and started to compete to its dietrich replied yes a player who allegedly spurned a lifetime of financial security bet on himself simply wasn't hustling simply wasn't hustling in quotes someone named dallas sports tzu dark for more at dark for pres twenty twenty dark not going here can't run here he said have you watched the games he played in early in the season it was pretty evident.

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