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Search top ten. WTO at 1228. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Rita and the WTO traffic center. When we finally have an update for the crash that happened much, much earlier this morning on southbound 95 after 6 O 6 in thornburgh. They managed to get that right lane reopened finally, so everything's over on the right shoulder. They're still doing some cleanup on the right shoulders so there is enough to look at right now your south bound 95 delays are after route three, headed all the way past 6 O 6 and thornburg, but again, you do have all your lanes available to you. Now before the southbound 95 just slow crossing the akban, northbound a little heavy from Dale City into woodbridge. Three 95, no reported issues. If you're on 66, it is eastbound delays approaching and passing two 34 business sudley road, the left side will get you by that wreck, then delays approaching the beltway, watch for work on the right side, westbound 66 is slow passing nutley street as well, where there's usually some work taking lane. On the top side of the beltway, seeing a delay form on the inner loop near three 55 headed around toward Connecticut avenue, this should be the mobile street sweeping crew, keep an eye out for what lane they're taking, eventually hitting all the way toward New Hampshire avenue, no problems along to 70 right now. However, boy, it's messy on the way to the bay bridge. Eastbound 50 headed toward the bay bridge to laser before cape saint Clair, headed onto the eastbound span of the bridge, the good news is they cleared that broken down vehicle off of the bridge, so both of your lanes should be open, follow the overhead signals, the westbound side has delays before Cox creek headed onto the westbound span of the bridge. The left lane of three remains blocked with the work and in the district in his southbound D.C. two 95 that is slow from eastern toward benning road with the work in the left lane. Get an a plus in savings with window nations back to school sale by two get two free, pay nothing until 2025, call today 8 6 6 90 nation or visit window nation dot com. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. Let's check on that hot forecast with Lauren ricketts. For the remainder of the afternoon, it is going to be hot. It is going to be humid as temperatures continue to rise into the low to mid 90s that

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