Chief Justice John Roberts, President George W Bush, President Donald Trump discussed on Ethan at Night


Five eight zero eight zero eight one zero definitely want to hear from you today. But what you are thankful for. I will be talking about that sprinkling. That's rapid man. This news that just broke is. This is a big deal. Actually, I don't think people quite realize how big of a deal. It really is John Glover Roberts junior. You know, him better as chief Justice John Roberts. He was nominated by President George W Bush after the death of chief Justice William Rehnquist conservative considered to have a conservative judicial philosophy. He was he also served on the DC circuit for two years before that. Nine one thousand nine hundred ninety three he was principal deputy solicitor general of the United States. From November nineteen eighty two to April nineteen Eighty-six under Ronald Reagan. He is a graduate from both is bachelor's and his juris doctor from Harvard University, a well educated man, solid conservative credentials, serving Reagan Bush and Bush before becoming chief Justice as nominated by President, George W Bush. Just said something that is. Unprecedented. But we haven't heard anything like this in recent years. It's definitely the first time under President Trump. We've heard this. Chief Justice John Roberts is being reported by every major news organization right now push back against President Donald Trump who described who who ruled against President Trump's migrate asylum policy. President Trump went after him saying many things including saying that this judge did it because he's an Obama. Judge Obama judge. And chief Justice John Roberts said today that the United States does not have and I quote, Obama judges or Trump judges Bush judges or Clinton judges. He released this statement by the it was a statement released by the supreme court after the Associated Press inquired chief Justice Roberts said on this day before thanksgiving that a quote, and quote, excuse me, independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for and quote. The White House had no immediate response, but the president referred to a judge who was presiding over this fraud lawsuit against Trump university. Remember this as a Mexican would be unable to rule fairly because of his proposal. Bill the wall along the us Mexico border. Yeah. Mexican American by the way, not a Mexican a Mexican American. We have enough controversy in this United States to bringing the courts into it. And it was actually I was on FOX business last night. Just before me. There was some judicial analyst who said something that I was like, no, no, reputable attorney would ever say this this is so I will call this person. I do not remember her name. I would have to go back and rewatch the segment on FOX business last night. Which was Regan. She said. Oh, yeah. People call it the nutty ninth circuit. Now, they don't know they don't know reputable attorney ever calls it that no reputable attorney ever calls it that. Only a partisan hack would say that not a reputable attorney doesn't go around saying, oh, it's the ninety ninth circuit. Now, they don't you can disagree with the ninth circuit Chaz tendency to lean liberal, but nobody no attorney calls it the ninety ninth. Oh, a lawyer might do that. But not an attorney..

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