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Listeners that tax the emails the Facebook feedback you guys are the best huge thanks to everybody chiming in in no particular order Linda t listening in from gorgeous Portland Oregon and of course you, know who you are shoot out. Mitchell Meeks and. Linda, e super fans listening, in from supertalk Mississippi as we skate towards ninety stations coast to coast unbelievable saving America's wallets one hour, at a time sitting here. With the caramel creamy whatever coffee it is, this morning, it's, darn good actually not too hot outside so it's not like I'm kind of going. Crazy zone where it's one hundred ten for the heat factor and I got hot coffee. That's when people. Start. Looking at your funny. It's actually Beautiful in the eighty degrees around that area. Not too humid here in Philadelphia hope the temps are tapering off in your neck, of the woods well if you're, not drinking coffee at the moment that's okay I'll do enough for both of us 'cause that's just, the type of team player I am. So we got some phenomenal feedback from the last show when we were talking about the, habits of, highly effective self, made millionaires and how it was so reassuring that there's no school like old school. Getting it done it's not some special, app, these days it's not some special trick or something newfangled whatever it's common sense smart moves small moves with your money that add up huge now loving hearing back from people we've got stacks of paper going with my God it's huge I'm looking here more, of the great strategies the habits. The tactics and. The, recommendations from self made, millionaires coming up later in the show but I have to touch base on something we're getting a lot, of play on this on. Social media as well you all know how. Many project I like to, dance around it home right. We talked about I'm still working on, the pink bathroom the world's ugliest pink. Bathroom we just read it all the porch, furniture we put lighting around I. Didn't talk about that yet we have lighting that we just put. Around, our back patio now I talked about putting, up this. Patio before it was very simple no. Crazy contractors needed no insanity no crazy costs we talked. Before about oh my gosh the crates the storage the. What do you call it those wooden pallet things that people used for their porches that kind of thing I used beautiful four by fours for, the borders around. Our back patio and we put in. Just a nice piece of cloth on, the, bottom. To make sure. Nothing grew through and we put this huge layer of, gorgeous wood chips on top and it. Looks fantastic so this past week I wanted to. Add a. Little bit of lighting to it so I, go to, the dollar store and I buy fifty of those solar.

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