Conan O'brien, Peter Gabriel, BOB discussed on Chive Podcast - Michael Chiklis - Ep91


And and how cool it is just have much cooler people come over your house to pissed rock with laws so anxious of these unbelievable players i mean this is you know scott healy yeah has been keyboard player and band leader for the conan o'brien banned for twenty year and the three did he play with you the other night younger how cool use mocking throwing down we did we did a sick version of peter gabriel sledgehammer good with the brass section at dinner was ever liz that song in that had a parking use her actually listening peter gabriel is one of the best based players ever in history tony levin that guy if you let god only if you know what good base playing is and you go back he made peter gabriel rights and i'm really listening to all if you listen to tit sledgehammer big time or anything like that the base is what makes the song so now i'm i'm rediscovering by peter gabriel security album his brilliance on that chapman stick base craziness yup that's is also get your gabriel onto whip bob and i have to get on a plane because you're out we'd all live here herat i burned and our that were literally do an normally i don't give a shed but but we gotta get to to something with you visit but this is the important thing that everybody we're all driving towards the selo album is called influence is out today you can stream it through rights to get the hard copy on amazon just follow the links in the child home page follow on spotify if you're on spotify follow me there.

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