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Theresa bianchi. Here's what she told us we have thefts crime. And it just seems to be getting lawless like nobody's really enforcing the police response seems to be taking longer south park. Saw twenty one percent increase in two thousand eighteen and a sixty two percent increase in crimes of violence. It's one of seven neighborhoods that we'll see more police and other cities services over the next month. Jennifer Sullivan, KOMO news. Komo news time is six eight guns have become a problem at seatac airport. Three weapons found in the carry on luggage of passengers in. Just one day this past week TCI spokeswoman lorry-tankers each one of these passengers was arrested on a state charge at bringing it. Prohibited. Item into this area that TSA has the authority to Levy Estill penalty against these passengers Danker says it does not appear that any of them were planning anything serious matter in using governor Jay Inslee signing a Bill. Eliminating the personal exemption vaccines in Washington, stating we believe in our doctors, we believe in our nurses. We believe in our educators, we believe in science in the antibac- community. Believe vaccines to be dangerous and linked to autism belief that has been widely debunked under the new logs options to mandatory vaccines can only be made for religious or medical reasons. Koa news learning and Alaska Airlines flight had to be diverted after the crew said, they smelled a strong odor of plastic coming from the back galley the Airbus three twenty was on its way from Portland John Wayne airport. In Orange County but had to land at LAX instead medics were there is a plane landed everybody appeared to be okay. Komo news time at six oh nine you may have seen a lot of smoke filling the sky on the evening commute last night. It was from a house fire in Seattle's beacon hill and smoke could be seen from miles away. Firefighters quickly knocked down the flames. But the home sustained some major damage were told no injuries. Thank goodness. Investigators are now looking to how it got started in the minutes ahead. Many will visit our state this year for cruise ships for ballgame and Bigfoot. No, we're not kidding. You don't wanna hear this? And how well do. You know, your mom groupon. Puts many to the test. Komo news time now is six ten. We'll give you the latest from the exterior sports desk. The Mariners lose to the Red Sox fourteen.

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