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South in congress, whether she's going. Yeah. Is very strong as horrible. In reminds me aloft of the arts in be killed in. The why you see the ghosts in the spirits that kind of that just Paul about grain that Thomas and saw early before the book style aides someone a bum went off in this building. Somebody wanna seem as persons of terrorists than the machine moves in everyone. The same shade has different rights to papain these that inch doctor when things that would be way as paper day accidents happen. And again, it's any five issues is it's very compact not compacted compact story, which works really while one of our books while because it doesn't it doesn't just try and be waited. Will explain? Yeah. It's just very well. Put. Really, really good. The one because really really know. The cabinets almost Sinise. Komo hot little hands last week, cool drawing blood, which is boy. Well, it's a co creation from Kevin as men in dives atoms alone. I've long have loud. Many lettuce and east is a way in the sense foul. Delicious account even hate any of these because it's gonna with for to Kane on also upset fucking military to own pair bastards. And also the conceit of this is it's an autobiographical book. But a comic creator coaching book men, and is ostensibly set university in the sense Kevin's minis, literally does himself, and it's it's a comic writer who gets into some shady business whilst trying to live up to the hype of he's first comic. No, it's really good. The only the only thing all the bad thing outside. Very was the fact that like the goings knee created the front Choi's cold, the vertically Riach of cold radically rearranged Ronin rag dolls, and he is he's one hundred percent tells reported my mentioned in the book the apparent some of the page country 'cause some of the cine all like apparently actual things happened, Kevin smooth conventions. But like all the multi base a not. I just want wanna book of aim south. But with extra exciting things, I think so. Yeah. But the divided rearrange Ronin rag dolls Norden because they're not dolls that cats. And there's no reason to go with the stupid illiterate when spiced on the tolls, which wasn't alliterative. So that new admitted, but in a why I want to get a debate things. But it said the art which is ball been Bishop is very very good advantage suplementary comically completed which is issue one of the radically rearranged Iraq dolls, which is drawn Kim Naismith. He's very issue. One of us. It's very good to law and with its rations, and cash will adjust author film that they should've been rag dolls or you should have dropped nearly two ration- to said something about cats is, but the work is really really really good and the Clarence gripe up, but we pay up the thing all the most it was actually the electorate because a lot of east supposed to be handwritten have. What if which is my kids originals with this all of it? Thank you, Dan, smell such Koenigs. Have what will sign over with difficult. Brian mush today. Lettering, yet I've been properly hand handwriting styles of phones in a lot of books because they're right down while having our handwriting. 'cause coin that can be kind of illegible. This is really really balanced like the hand written look with actually being able to read it already enjoyed coaching food to some more issues. It was a kick started protect, Don what's happening with the rest of it. Is it too closely small sake to comb? Okay, good promoters to. On NASCAR Royds amounts fucking night MC, and that was comic lawyer without very much enjoyed and I think if you like stuff that Kevin Eastman's written Noah don't anyway, you'll probably enjoy about nowadays. What he does. I'll eat you. Here is reeling day Krant. Krant? Comex some charm read more comics next year because I did a real job this year. But also went through a period after the live show enduring the casing sign heatwave. Who are just like didn't have any anything that was new. So therefore, dislike stead of faculty your mom in Connor how much now emit recycle office, undergoing die already a pretty much have income only reading knowingness because he's got a boon zainy. Anyway, should we move on? Which do you want to pick a category? I'm gonna take comic Somali sauna that we pick. Shooting. Naven have any Imperia?.

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