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And Luciana Love Firm studio Doing good by doing right. This is Katy K. Radio, 79 degrees Pittsburgh International at 6 30 Owing, Rose Ryan Douglas, State Health Secretary, Dr Rachel Levine says today, slowing the spread of covert 19 in Pennsylvania comes down to choices made by individuals. We have to adapt. Our activities to protect against Cove in 19 And make the choice to not do some of those activities if they're not safe. In an update for reporters, Levine says 9% of the state's population has now been tested. While the rate of positive test is up in the Southwest, especially Allegheny Cockney, Levine says the statewide rate has fallen to 4.4%. 328 more positive cases of covert 19 reported statewide today. Also seven new deaths, the department reports seeing significant increases in the number of covert 19 cases among younger age groups, particularly 19 to 24 year olds. The Allegheny County Health Department is reporting 71 new Corona virus cases today and six more hospitalizations but no additional deaths. That Countywide case total now stands at 5033 since March 14th. While Corona virus cases around the world continue to rise, the death rate has remained relatively steady. County executive Rich Fitzgerald tells Katie radios Marty Griffin that this is because of improved treatment process is they do a better job now treating people once they find out that they have it particularly people, their elder layer and an amused immunized. Your condition. He also went on distress that we can continue this improved response as long as we have capacity construction about to begin on a 10 story building in Oakland's innovation district. Here's Katie Radios. Joe Dusty O. The Walnut Capitol building will create lab in research, space, first floor retail and a 100 space parking garage. The 50 to $60 million project includes a no interest loan and grant money to the Oakland Planning and Development Corporation..

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