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Wow. What a epic giant war, man. I'm I'm tired. I'm just been talking about it. I know it wasn't made as many jokes as usual in this one. But jeez, it's just it just fell to confusing to take too many tangents in this already so complicated and complex suck. This isn't like someone's life. You know, you can just follow us a long series of many developments lead to along very complex, so many multifaceted battles war, and we still glossed over so very much. But but I hope I didn't make it to complicate. And I hope it didn't make it overly simplified. Hopefully, most you'd understand World War One a lot better. Now. I know I do I didn't I I really don't know shit about it before this this war that ended one hundred years ago hundred years ago and one day ago. Exactly when this episode has released the casualties suffered by the participants in World War One dwarf those of previous wars. I mean, this is unreal. Some eight and a half million soldiers died as a result of wounds and or disease the greatest number of casualties of wounds reflected by our Tillery, followed by small-arms, then poison gas the bayonet which was relied on by the prewar. French army is the decisive weapon actually produced few casualties. A war was increasingly mecca. From nineteen fourteen on and produce casualties. Even when nothing important was happening. Even a quiet day in the western front. Many, you know, hundreds of allied and German soldiers with die the heaviest loss of life or a single day Kurt on that yet July first nineteen sixteen. We talked about the battled Assam when the British army suffer nearly sixty thousand casualties checkup these country by country total number of soldiers killed and these numbers changed, by the way. When you go from reports report just because it is it's guestimations. They didn't have exact numbers Russia though. One point seven million soldiers killed another five million wounded British. They gave over nine hundred thousand soldiers lives to the war over two million. More wounded France lost over one point three million young men over four million more wounded, Italy sacrifice six hundred and fifty thousand of their young men and nearly a million more wounded Romania gave over three hundred and thirty thousand sons and brothers another one hundred and twenty thousand wounded forty five thousand Serbians died fighting over one hundred and thirty thousand more of them wounded the. United States lost over one hundred fifteen thousand young men in more than two hundred thousand others were wounded, and these are just some of the allied countries losses. I mean, look at the central powers Germany lost over one point seven million soldiers lives with over four million more wounded Austria, Hungary, lost one point two million soldiers lives over three point six million wounded Turkey loss, three hundred twenty five thousand men another four hundred thousand one to Bulgaria lost eighty seven thousand five hundred men over one hundred and fifty thousand others wounded altogether over again, over eight point five million soldiers died some stories actually place that number closer to ten million over twenty one million others wounded, another seven point seven million other taken prisoner or gone missing. Plus an additional seven million civilians were killed the total number of both civilian and military casualties. Estimated to be around thirty seven forty million people the entire combined population of everyone washed in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Montana. All dead another twenty million wounded. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Thanks for taking a second taking thanks to a couple hours. The listeners episode, you know, one hundred years after all this ended long after everyone who involved who was involved in it died, truly hope all their souls rest in peace..

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