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Because if you're not a not serve the planet or the people of Or yourself even you will create strange things so special for technology is very important but with that go and and coca world explore the world in just dive into things so that would be my strongest advice. Just get going. Stay curious and team up with others. That's maybe the second big advice i would give to younger people who are considering. It's like you said it's it's a. It's a team sport so they're awesome social skills. You need to develop as well and that doesn't mean you need to be a the super hero in coordinating by being able to collaborate with other people probably from other countries from around the roads is important and there are these wonderful opportunities today. of young people who are collaborating with people in other countries so the chances are very good to just explore yourselves but domain. So that's what i would say to young people that the mid korea crisis. Okay how how does. How does your life look when you're in the mid career prices. Probably you have advanced your career to a certain extent. You're young and you're hungry and now you are somewhere and you're at limit of where you can go and you're feeling like all of a sudden out of all the growth that you had in your career path you don't get further and you might get straights okay. I was thinking to become. I don't know. Actually i what i wanted to become. Maybe i wanted become the see you all. It was here for a while. I will not be the ceo. But i'm where i am. What now and maybe also privately situation is that your kids are growing older and belief the house and how your lifestyle Your now. So my my advice would be first of all relax..

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