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Yeah so so. That was weird. But he's got two games this year with more than ten. Pbr fantasy points. That is not good. Both those games were were huge games. But he's eighty seven percent roster. Why are we hang on dairy slate. Should we be. And then. Evan ingram he five catches sixty one yards on ten targets. Nineteen targets in his last. Two games. Should we be hanging onto both of these guys. They have philadelphia and then a by their next three games. Ingram is clearly still better and pr the pr. Because he doesn't score and they should have reviewed the one play last night because it looked like he scored so look they As peepers go this on of chelsea football today on hq You know about ingram. And and what his role being you know. Pete said Phrase is one of his many phrases that he's one of the ultimate these guys you know the the town so awesome and you get you fall in love it but is he gonna you will back career and say he just. He's us with that town. So i hope. That's not the case for evan ingram We could still find out because there was some talk Members day day when he was a guy that they were. you know. maybe or there's been rumors about men may be moving him so keep that in mind. But i still think evan ingram's in that fourteen sixteen team league range as opposed to attend to teammate. The giants could have benched him after what happened last week. The ball bouncing off his hands that would have won them the game and instead they threw to ten times. So they're committed to evan ingram. I think i don't think they're going to be a big part of their offense. And i do think he's worth considering as a starter in a twelve team. Pr league maybe early non pr. I think there are better options of the touchdown or bus guys just based on what they give but those guys you'd have to flip around each week i'll start logan thomas revenue. Would you would you. Would you drop them for logan thomas. That's the only move make. And for how jordan reed. If you read is playing than i would drop everything and give you dave. Give me thirty seconds. Or less on darius slayton..

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