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Might be her she like a lot of these great brands they've gone through mergers it's still made it's one of those candies it's hard to find but sometimes you have a lock if you go to some of the independent grocery stores that's where i found things like oh henry and freight old brands seven seven three do they still carries candy cigarettes yeah they do they do again they're hard to find a tradition of selling candy and tobacco together for them to get kids into the habit i have an early seventies cigarette machine that we rehab and it has candy cigarettes in it for a quarter exactly they used to put little trading cards in packets of cigarettes and kids would hang outside the tobacco stars to try and get him they started putting them in candy packages to eight four seven asked do they sell they still sell physicians they do now that's not a brand that was from chicago so i don't know the specifics it might be fun to try like vermont country store i think might have a lot of retro candies i've seen for a couple of texts came in and says my grandpa in the is in his sixties oh excuse me my grandpa in the sixties and seventies is from six one two in minneapolis drove a tanker for quality carriers in which he delivered liquid sugar to curtis candies badgered i mean curtis is using tons several tons of products like sugar and corn yeah firm up in curio annoyed did they release so they so they kind of did it for themselves fresh milk and fresh eggs and even did cattlebreeding up there while seven seven three superior nut.

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