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A lot of employees is not coming in just choosing to stay working for moments that definitely and in that example that you gave the woman who quit. She quickly found another job where she could work from home. But the other effect right she had to take about a fifteen percent pay-cut so just for that luxury. Let's say of being able to work from home. So it impacts you in a bunch of different ways. Now that president biden had has mandated that rule. As you mentioned. It's gonna take time to implement so we'll see what happens there but across the board it does seem like Employees want clear rules. Maybe we'll get there with that. But for now the honor system i know still makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So we'll see how all of that develops ray smith lifestyle reporter at the wall street journal. Thank you very much for joining us. Thank you what's supposed to this week. We also saw the first trial in the varsity blues college emissions cheating scandal kickoff there have been fifty seven individuals that have been charged so far and forty six of them have pled guilty or will plead guilty so just a handful or going to court in this trial will see a former casino executive who paid three hundred thousand dollars to get his daughter into usc and a private equity investor. Who paid over a million dollars to get his kids in college for more on. How opening arguments went this week will speak to melissa corn higher education reporter at the wall street journal we had They won today which was pretty exciting..

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