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Yeah all it's all money they want Hillary did she ten minutes before the hour a Florida woman was arrested this week for last week for threatening to obtain a dipping sauce from a McDonald's in vero beach by any means possible she's very upset happen four AM new year's day the woman McGuire Marie McLaughlin nineteen was denied dipping sauce from the keys she got upset the police what Mr yelling profanities because she claimed she didn't get all of her food and didn't get the dipping sauce the cost twenty five cents she stated that she would be getting the sauce by whatever means necessary however she did not specify what you meant by that based on that they arrested her she was taken into custody she needed to be placed in a mechanical restraints by the arresting officers because she kept locking her legs refusing to walk forward they also smelled alcohol on her breath riddle me this Batman if you get arrested for threatening a McDonald's because they didn't have your barber the barbecue sauce you wonder your ranch dressing how does George Lopez not get arrested for threatening the life of the president of the United States because I believe one of them is a felony and one of the main I don't think threatening to mess with McDonald's over you know your toes Tito sauce is a felony just say I'm just say I'm eight hundred six five five Michael Tom you're up on the Mike Gallagher show eight minutes before the hour just you the sixty minutes report Tom no I didn't like but I'm not you know I already been following it and I thank you very much for bringing up all those details today much appreciated I'm very disappointed with what William Barr said a number of weeks back when he's he pronounced it a suicide and you know because who's who's not who's had more flights anybody also more flights on those planes and then Bill Clinton and as Adam title him to a certain number of I don't want to say the word on but frequent yeah sex act points is the how many did he have I'm confused by bill bars role with this you're right I think that's a terrific point that that seems that's very perplexing to me that he came out and he said well he reviewed the video and perhaps the video evidence suggests it was it was it was suicide but it just seems kind of awkward and and stilted and and you know almost like a forced state we didn't get that sense yeah and what and what it what are we at now on the Clinton body count if you throw and abstain well you look at their leisure is a lot of people who say their the lead so many dismiss that as a white wild conspiracy theory but that a lot of people who are in the Clinton orbit wind up you know with with often mysterious and leans to their life I just don't buy it just seems you have to think about all the things that had to just short of this the gathering storm the perfect storm all the camera was out the guards didn't shack he had I can't get over having electrical cord in a in a suicidal high profile prisoners shall I couldn't get over that he had a ship that machine you could have a sheep that machine is Europe thank you monster or had a file here in the high profile what else do you get did you get your my pillow mattress topper we have seen on my pillow fan I hope not I am though I you know what I found out last night and I I'm going to quickly give you this news before they catch on I think it's kind of a hold over from the holidays but do you know that all the buy one get one free specials at my pillow Michael Intel's exist extraordinary company are in effect today you better jump on this quick if you want to buy it out or get an order of the Giza dream sheets which are the softest move the sheets I've ever slept on in my life made from the best cotton on earth you could buy a set of keys a dream she'd get the second set absolutely free when you use the promo code Mike G. how about these tiles that are everybody's going crazy over I've got three sets of these trials they're the most absorbent towels you'll ever use a six set a bath towels and hand towels and and wash wash cloths buy ones that get the second set free when you use the promo code my G. and the pillow itself the the put the premium queen sized my pillow made with.

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