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It's how long get suspended because he had a job for two things one they're trying to protect head shots and that was a head shot on a top player it was obvious that he got of him ahead helmet one flying and two it's a forgiving goaltender which makes a worse now couple years ago tempted years ago you would get the opposition's goaltender there's going to be a line brawl there is going to be repercussions for the entire game but now in the new kinder gentler at eight shell the discipline is not handed out repercussions i headed out on the ice it's have that in the office and in games shat and jamie oleksiak got two games for the hit against the flyers i they will look for cody eakin to get a minimum of that pretty henrik lundqvist yeah with i would be surprised to see that that being said bruce if you anticipate that this happens prior to saturday the stars next game against the philadelphia flyers which is a one o'clock game here at the acee how do you see the stars deciding to shake out there forwards because it looks like curtis mckenzie is probably okay from the injury appeared look like he hurt his shoulder the stars said it was upper body that it specifically confirm shoulder but that's what a look like and he looks like he's okay he could probably of played tonight if the stars decided to do that plus patrick sharp was skating in getting closer i don't know if he's ready yet or not but that's another option you think they just what jason spezza back in the middle to it to cover for the loss to cody eakin well the pens we've seen pretty good skidding last few days from patrick sharp has no talk about whether it's coming back without what his timetable is he's getting very hard this morning after practice and was him today why did you know your head feel to really put him some work with rich cover early it he's not able to go.

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