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Championship or at least to the championship round. Where i'm gonna make the argument. Not only how good the brooklyn nets are but how good someone to competition is. But they're just better than even that good competition called the nba champions in the milwaukee bucks. Remember a day faced each other and they didn't even face each other while the brooklyn nets were fully healthy and they still were up to nets series. But you know you wanna talk to me about competition. Let's look an eastern competition. miami heat okay. Drug is was a good player. I don't know how much of a upgrade is calorie. But he's certainly an upgrade. I can see some of that. But don't like he's replacing. Somebody who was whore. Butch tennis schreuder the one that Miss valued his own value. Miss misplace his dallas. Go get lost. Eighty million dollars season. Now they'll help boston get over the hump that kyrie couldn't help him get over. The hump man stopped. Okay here we go doesn't make this argument lakers vs knits. because you go to competition place and that's distracting me. Let's talk about the nets versus laker scores. More points in turns of offensive production nets. Lakers don't say lakers knits. What about in terms of efficiency. Field goal percentage okay. What about three point percentage. It's all about the three ball. Okay line what is free. Even ayla stop take top. Go to the line is free. You get to lakers. Can't beat them even in net category. What about turnovers per game every coach. I know harps on things. Damn who has fewer turnovers per game brooklyn nets. There's out a categories. There's not a stat and they're certainly not to age does go make me. Lean toward the lakers over the nets in this conversation. Okay number one. Being a bad businessman doesn't make dennis schreuder bad player. They let's just get that out of the way. He made a huge mistake contract wise. That doesn't mean that. He isn't a serious upgrade for the boston celtics. They can exactly what they need as a defensive point guard who doesn't necessarily need the ball in his hands offensively. But you trotted out all these numbers. I glad i never got into a fight with you marcellus. Because i know you wouldn't have thought fair. You're talking about ofensive. Numbers for a lakers team. That no longer exists. If they've done anything it's to improve their offensive end of the game through. Its their defense. That i have questions about but offensively they are going to be measurably measurably better so i have to throw that out and look it really comes down. This is the thing that that bothers me. The most is when we look at. What the milwaukee bucks accomplished and you mentioned the that they matched up against each other and then yes. The nets were not fully healthy. Compo- also was not the player that he is now as a result of winning a championship. You can't underscore the difference. We at the time. We're not talking about a contest. Between kevin durant and sought tacoma was. Who's the best player in the league. Now that is very much in the conversation. And when i look at what you did against the phoenix suns in particular. Going to that five spot. I look at all the all the additions that make the nets formidable with blake griffin and lamarcus aldridge and paul millsap and. I don't see a one of them. That's capable of guarding. Our respect look is going to be a battle between those teams to see who's going to represent their conferences and obviously we know that there's one team that's going to probably be supreme over. Both of them were healthy playoffs. We noticed be clipped city. Chips five quarterbacks for taken in the first round of this year's nfl draft the three trevor lawrence mccoo back jones and zach look are starting week one. Tony romo has been heaping. Praise on wilson recently saying that he has the ability to quote get in the stratosphere above patrick route. Tj which. I have rookie quarterback. You most confident in wilson lawrence or jones unbiased more. Lsi you know. I'm not gonna lie to. I lean towards charter zagged because uh spent a lot of time with them leading up to the draft process and then off season getting ready for training camp. So i'm bias. Okay but this is what i will say. Mag jones will have team wise. The best season statistically individually. I gotta go whichever they're going to be losing. His division is easier than what. Zach wilson mag. Jones will face your new england twice buffalo twice miami twice. That's not gonna be easy travel on gotta pace houston. They don't even know what they're gonna be tennessee. They're decent on defense. The cults is only beeping sanada division for trevor lawrence. Say meg jones team wise but individually statistically trevor morris for sure man look i'm biased world. Tj why. I spent a lot of time. Losing to the patriots. So i'm going with matt jones who mack jones. When i was a player. You know why because gimme the most talented team over the most talented player. And that's what's going to happen in new england with matt jones. He's going to have support. He's going to have other people carrying the water with him. He's gonna be protected by bill belichick philosophy and that defense and then playing special teams. He's going to be protected where he could go out there and show his talents. You look at everybody else. They're going to be looking at them. Like hey man this is on you. Serve lowers already. Lost his starting running back. You look at the situation as wilson your plan for the new york jets right now. We'll see how they play out with a first year head coach. I just don't see those other youngsters being protected as jones. I don't understand why you guys are wrestling with this so much. Especially you tj. Because your head was telling you the right answer and somehow your heart in the way and said no. But i'm going to go this way. Yeah it's mac jones. Let's be serious these mac. Excuse me michael mccorkell jones. That's who is going to appease most successful at these three in spite of that name look. He's the only one who actually had to beat out a veteran. Qb for the job okay. He's the only one who has a coaching staff behind him. That has a proven track record of developing rookie. Qb's and making them successful and he's the only one who has a top five offensive line. That's going to give him the time to be able to make the decisions that he's being asked to make. Now i could make the case that zach. Wilson is a more talented quarterback and he might even have the more dynamic plays. I'm i have some serious questions about where trevor lawrence's right now for a multitude of reasons but mack jones is set up to be successful and while we are not going to take preseason performances as an indicator of what they're going to do when the lights go on for real. The fact of the matter is mack. Jones is set up to be successful in a way that the other two simply do not compare exactly bella. Checks got him a new mac and didn't even go to apple store. Mack who nagwa baby bama mac damn mac and cheese mac players bolas grind..

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