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These guys monster snug thirty, mile, an hour in sixty water in November What what what what planet are you from Yeah right exactly that's the. Way. It works, sometimes we're badly mother nature. Amen I mean there's nothing you can do you can only. Get what's there and thirty mile. An hour winds are reluctant to, catch. Anything let's go to Don? In? Sarasota? Don? How are you this morning Hey how are you I'm good, buddy. What you got for me I've heard, hey, guys is big? Dangerous a lot. Of people don't get hurt It's, a, bad thing but you. Know what else amazing sound I heard Oh People see hit the. Fool Amen Before started, going we'll have some years. Ago, well it's a farming in. Atlanta That was a slow diver Increase Sex it bit. Harder don't look to those Can play. 'cause they were diseases And with everybody. Else down that's begins The smartest loose intelligent caring compassionate People Oh communists I love. My love Dodwell. Done, brother Hey Politically, now Fisher phone. Matty Major something, that'll probably Don. Greg call brother we appreciate you My. Head will completely Popoff Dave Pomiliu fat become bandage exactly. Exactly. Let's get are. Safe, boating tip of. The week here? Quick, a good. Friend cab Jim, Fogler. Jimmy how are you hey good morning, good morning morning. Dave good morning I. Wanna talk about die flags and how important it is we most voters, know that you must carry a red and white die flag on the. Highest point of your boat dive has got to be at least twenty. By twenty four when you've, got divers in the water. And. For. You divers and snorkellers you've gotta stay within a hundred. To. Three hundred feet, around, that boat and. You also should? Carry, a floating. Flag and a, whistle. With you There's a Tennessee. For for snorklers to get behind the boat they're cruising along picking up scallops are looking. For bugs and they drift behind the boat and out of the conference of. The die flag you gotta try to stay in front the smart people and stay in front of. The boat and that way when they get tired and they're ready to, go back to the boat they can just hover up and the Kerner. Went will take them back to the boat but the important thing is You've gotta gotta make yourself. Seen out there in that water you boaters have got to. Get down to an idle. Speed not a no wake slower I mean you just you just have to have control of your boat and. That's it when you're near divers we can't we can't have anybody chopped up out there I. Haven't heard of anybody yet this year but we sure don't want it I will tell, you this from being in crystal river last weekend and on our scalloping yearly trip with. Captain Mario Castillo up there I was -solutely stone cold shocked and I don't know why but I was the the amount of boats is ridiculous I mean it's ridiculous they're. Right on top yeah I spent some time just sitting in the, boat chilling had a cold beer. Was just relaxing knowing that I had, a another captain, in charge for the. Day having Mario handle, all that, stuff and I just was sitting there thinking oh my God. There is, boats everywhere and as, I'm, watching you, know Beth and Mario were in the water chasing the scallops around and I I was just, thinking man, you know it's so easy, to make that mistake, out here because there's people everywhere Yeah really, got, it you, really got to pay attention this time of year absolutely yeah it's it You don't want to be a scholar at this. Time. Of. The year Oh you don't wanna be careful. You wanna be extra careful anytime anytime anywhere you see. A die flag you want to divert away the heck away from it And. If you're. Within three hundred feet of it in and open water you. Wanna get down to a slower. Than no wake you don't want accidentally. Bumped somebody there no doubt I got. A lot for the coastguard Zoe in, Saint Pete Jim fobel be safe out there thanks to me good, stuff right there always from one of our favorite captains we got a. Minute or two? Here, and I think the must've. Struck a nerve with our good friend Chris Johnson because our like our. Favorite lakeland marine biologist is back Chris how are you Hey guys not so much struck a, nerve as when you only have so much time he can only, make things so clear I just wanted to make sure that you understand. The red tide The blooms forms way offshore. But once it approaches are. Shore. And it's been moving south and east mostly over time it's like a big old all you can eat buffet with. The nutrients. We have coming from our land. So we are feeding itself absolutely as it comes to close where land it's just getting sand and is multiplying because. It is. Not limited by nutrients I got I just wanted to be clear it's not the are run up is not a problem with the red tide, it just that's, not, where, it forms I Gotcha so if I do do we think that if it, just if it formed offshore and we. Weren't using the amount of fertilizer that we're using would it then Not be as strong when, it got here That is my opinion yeah that'd be running out. Of the nutrients that got stirred up offshore the led to the bloom in the first place It's an opinion we need to do a lot more, work but I just. Wanted to be clear that yes our. Runoff from land is. Helping, it grow and maintain it self and maybe get worse but Ocotober. Feeding Alcober he's not feeding this or it is Certainly, it is okay it's just a different algae the, green algae coming out of lake Okeechobee that's being said by those nutrients is a different, algae then that red. Tie that's coming in from offshore Gotcha I. Know. It's, complicated that you know what Mike we'll talk about, it. Off off year. I. Made some flash cards, for. Shaun Harper because he's having a hard time. Understanding it to he keeps getting asked question yeah well, anything I can do to learn more on it. Especially Flash cards would, help because that way you can just claims, status and say oh, okay wait a minute this. Is that one anyway thanks guys thank you all, right such interesting stuff such interesting stuff for sure we'll, take another break here again our good friend. The mad snooker captain Dave Palmer Lou one of the. Best in the business a true. West coast Florida legend is my guest if, you've, got questions on how to catch him. If you can still catch him where to catch him why to catch them all that good. Stuff he is the man. Talking. Fishing, on the other side we'll be back nine.

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