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How how old how old is cyclops buster no one no no one knows things i mean the teeth are cleaned so they thought maybe one year but i hope i hope he lasts longer than duckie did rings on a tree no rings on a tree maybe the but yeah i'm gonna count the but rings about rings but clean bill ehealth clean bill of how little slow one i little slow but it makes for a really cute lapdog really i really liked this dog he has only smiled since he's arrived and he sits comfortably in your lap that's a great thing dog owner i'm doing it right we adopted a cat about ten eleven years ago eighty and she's tuxedo cat overdress for every cajun she will not sit on your lap which is why which is why i said let's go to the foundation plays and get the lang validation get that's my foundation on veto yeah i bought that sign what really in when i was flush with cash when i was a working actress paid fifteen hundred dollars for that sign and i had gotten my dog wink from there so this is my first time my first rodeo with one eye dog i'm i'm living living named that dog appropriately wink it came with the name wink the length foundation oh that's virtually and i love that place you get a dog or did you find a lap cat we i went to get a cat that would sit in my lap we walked into a room opened a door looking for a cat there were i always say fourteen cats give or take and only one of them was bouncing off the walls and i said well we're not getting that one and jamie my better half said no that is the one we're getting i said that's that cats crazy she was about ten months old time i want one of these older cats your wife says ten.

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