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Yeah, that's right. The street times, street fighting. That's it. Come on. Hair knuckle brawl. Come on. You got a glass just, Smith. I got a plastic jar. All right. I gotta have like a rock. But in this day, 1959, David ball producer and electronic musician with soft sell. The number one single tainted love and obscure 1965 northern soul track originally released by Gloria Jones, the girlfriend of Mark Bowen. Interesting. Really? Yeah. Cool. Born in this day in 1953, Bruce hall from the American rock band reo speedwagon. The great run had a great run at the early 80s. Yeah, yeah, what was it hi infidelity? Yep. Yep. Born in the state of 1951, the elusive on again off again on again, Christopher cross. Chris cross. Well, now it's only Chris because cross died. That bans out. I saw a video clip of America. The two guys from America left playing with Christopher cross and he was doing the Dewey, but damn peak, they got us saying, don't cross the river. Yeah. He nailed it. He should have joined that band. He's a great guitar player. But I'm sure he would have been a good fit in there. Absolutely. He sounded great because he had the perfect voice for it, but he was a guitar player before it was a singer I think. He was a student guy but he's saying with Michael McDonald. Here we go. I'm not doing it. It's a hell of a show. Just to see if I can open the door. Just a little way to go. Wait, I'm gonna do Sheryl Crow. Okay, and it was part of this day in 1950, Mary Hopkins. Those were the days. Was the song released on The Beatles Apple label and produced by Paul McCartney. She was the winner of a TV talent show opportunity knocks. There was a big hit. Let me see. Born on this day in 1944, Pete Staples

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