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Speech last night? I was working. Is this about the wall? Or is this about the wall for the border or the wall between the Republicans and Democrats about the wall that will keep our country safe or the wall that continues to divide. Drive. Everybody the Democrats and Republicans family, right? How was your holiday spent how much time did you spend arguing politics over the holidays? Let's talk to Ben in Williamstown on New Jersey one zero one point five they bed. I go. Could I don't know? Not too bad. Yeah. That lady call a couple couple a while back. You know, she just said it works for us your servants, you know, we're we're the people and I just found fast about today dinner. I was there. My sister's argument about the war, and I don't know where you guys down on you. What I'm saying? You know, nobody cries when Mexico has has all the out. Reporter I noticed coming through Canada to but we gotta do something here. So with Nancy skeletal pollution. That's she looks like humor. I tell you what. Let's let's worry about the wall. Let's worry about I'm sorry. I'm jumping around. You're talking about refugees. Let's bring the recipe Joosten. When you put them in their towns and see how it goes. How's that working out for over here? And you are that. So, you know. Listen, I be real fast. I'm just saying. Democrats Democrats are still we're slavery inner cities, the African Americans. What did they do? That's what she would help you with your vote. See you for years. That's all they do. Well, you know, the thing is this is more. I think a lot of this has to do simply with the fact that Trump wanted it Trump ran on it, and if they can prevent Trump from getting this wall, then they then Trump will be perceived failure. No matter what he does is president how much money we make the matter. What he does with the economy, the stock market, whatever if Trump doesn't make good on this promise, then they can point the finger at that's what I get out of this. I get the fact that if if if the war ones such a big deal that Trump we'd probably have it. I think that that's what this has become this isn't about whether or not there should be a wall at the Mexican border this become about Donald Trump wants a wall, we ate Donald Trump way, not giving him the wall. And that is not this is the United States of America where frigging superpower the best country in the world. This is not the way you won that Ben thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five ridiculous ridiculous or is Oscar would say. Stuffer.

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