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Your upcoming rocky retirement. You just finished a syriza's and you've got one coming up in February. Yeah, well, it's coming up this week. As a matter of fact, there you go. Yeah. So this next Thursday is a busy it is. We got George Ross on Wednesday. Yeah, we've got well, We got Wednesday. Drive through first. Well, yeah, we've got the drive thru from 12 30 to 1. That's our 30 minutes. Live virtual event where we talk about this past week, I actually shared gifting strategies. You know, for your family, Then Wednesday afternoon from 3 32. 5, we've got George Ross. Well, then, the next night, Thursday, the 18th. So this coming Thursday is our February session of Rocky Retirement. This is our flagship. Educational program off Chapel would university which is the educational branch of Chapel would financial so again. We don't just manage wealth and build help build wealth for our clients. We educate them were teachers as well. And we get comments from our clients saying, you know, I've learned more from you guys and anybody else. So it's coming up this Thursday, February the 18th and the 25th. So it's two Thursday evenings you get two hours each night from 6 38 30. And what do we talk about? We talk about how not to run out of money in retirement. Or as you said, 30. Years of voluntary unemployment, we talk about how to structure and how your investments should change Once you retire. You don't just leave them the way they've always been. They've gotta change. Because your life has changed And there are certain ways to do that we talk about how do you make a Social Security decision? How do you make a Medicare decision? What are your options even How will I cover nursing home If I go into nursing home? How in the heck can I keep Maura of my tax dollars in my pocket instead of giving it the Uncle Sam? Those are the kinds of things that we talked about. Share stories. And, you know, I give you actual strategies that we use with our clients. These air, not just Hold from a website somewhere. You know what the coursework book is? We created it. This is our curriculum, because this is what we do every day. And so we provide the coursework book to you. It's all online. It's a virtual class on zoom. We send you the virtual workbook that you can follow along with right there, and I have it on the screen and the best part about this. This course is absolutely free. You're not gonna pay anything for it. It's sponsored by Chapel with financial services. That's exactly right now. One thing that we will ask Is, if you because we support many charities, All right, we support many charitable organizations through Are we support Fund of Chapel with financial? So If you want to come will give you an opportunity to make a donation. So that we can bless a charity here in the Oklahoma City area. Or really anywhere across the country. If that's what you know that's what we want to do. But that's really all that we asked, but well, there's no tuition, but we asked for a charitable gift. When you get you get a copy of my book. It's all about the money, honey. So you just make a contribution and we will offer you a book so that I mean, that's a great benefit to you and you're helping the community and you get registered retirement, So all of those things is it always, said Damon. When I was doing a podcast last week, too, and they were talking about Our culture here in Chapel When I said, you know, it's always has to be the same. It's really so simple.

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