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Are facing full planes and soaring prices, with airfare up about 40% from last spring. We have people to see and places to go and things to do. So whatever it is it is, right? You got to pay it. And there are tens of thousands, fewer flights to ease the crunch. The stress, too much for some. Police arrested a man for punching a traveler last week at Atlanta's airport. That CBS is a lease Preston. Sports a 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. Here's rob woodfork a month after blowing a Sunday lead at the masters Brooks Koepka rebounded to win the PGA Championship for the third time in 6 years and goes down as the first live golfer to win a major title, koepka's final round 67 made him a two stroke winner over Victor hovland in Scottie scheffler, but nobody won the hearts of the crowd at oak hill like Michael block. The BGA club pro kept his fairytale tournament with a final round hole in one that helped him finish in the top 15 and clincher returned to the PGA Championship next year, telling CBS. I'm living a dream making sure that I enjoy this moment. I've learned that after my 46 years of life, that it's not going to get better in this. There's no way. The nationals tame the Tiger 6 to four to win the series at Nats park thinks largely to Riley Adams who had a career high four hits and finished a triple shy of the cycle day Martinez when he was aggressive and he swings it strikes. He's got a lot of power, but it's getting him to swing before we get the two strikes. That was a big key. That's something that we always talk to him about. I just let it

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