Andrew O'day, Bloomberg, President Trump discussed on WBZ Morning News


We've got thirty one degrees in Boston under mostly clear skies time now to check in with Bloomberg's Andrew O'day morning. Andrew. Morning handle it. Sure was spectacular. Boxing day. Two thousand eighteen is now in the history books is the biggest day for Wall Street gains since March two thousand nine and on a straight point basis the biggest day ever for the Dow, however, it looks like that huge. They might be bookended by two big sell off days. Monday witness Wall Street's worst, ever Christmas Eve, of course, we were off Tuesday. And right now futures are down thirty nine NASDAQ futures off ninety four Dow futures off three sixty three economic reports today three major readings are scheduled, but will only get to the Conference Board's consumer confidence. Reading and the Labor Department's new jobless claims measure, November new home sales will not be reported because the Commerce Department has been affected by the partial government shutdown. Andrew O'day, Bloomberg business on WBZ NewsRadio. Thanks, Andrew at seven. Oh, nine a new policies been created by the Trump administration to deal with migrants coming over the border after two children died while in border patrol custody this month. Here's. ABC's Matt cut homeland security announcing its assessing its medical screening practices of migrants after another child died in the agency's custody for the second time this month Democrats in the house now vowing a congressional investigation, immigrations and customs enforcement also overwhelmed this week busing hundreds of migrants to a local El Paso park and leaving them there. All this midstate partial government shutdown at Washington fueled by President Trump's refusal to sign a budget without money earmarked for some kind of border barrier congresswoman elect Veronica Escobar from.

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