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Wanted just now rachel ben carson compare slavery emmigration to america and in the us news world report they in view of a number of historians who lay on here's what rana hogarth a history professor and expert on american slavery at university of illinois urbana champagne said comparing slaves with immigrants was quote inappropriate in wildly inaccurate it's a a desire of a person to make the journey now what exactly did the man say they end of dreams and opportunity there were other emigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships work even longer even harder for less they too had a dream at one day their son georgia's grand sounds granddaughters greatgrandsons greatgranddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness and this land professor hogarth of university illinois co i think he'd either misinformed or made a mistake his beginning when ellis island tells me that the major japanese knowledge of how we talked about different wave people settled in the united states and what circumstances they settled of the united states nicole rebecca scott a university of michigan law history professor where i got my law degree says slavery in the united states was a co dramatically distinct form of migration the people half bracing for the children regardless of how they were brought here certainly true but my god there are threatened were realize starkly limited by slavery man can you imagine what would happen if obama had said something like that but he did anti life in america was.

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