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Less fortunate on houses that have very little insulation and maybe elderly person living alone. That kind of unfortunate nobody checking on him. Nobody checking. I'm afraid that you want to tell the story that you told me during the break or is that something you want to keep personal Well, it wasn't me personally personally, but I did hear an example horrible example in your neighborhood. Well, not my neighborhood, but so so friends of mine in another neighborhood who near them? Or maybe it was even across the street. A woman who had congestive heart failure and their home was very called. All of our homes were and she she died and the husband, who was a amputee, multiple, a double amputee, a pair. We had to crawl through the snow. To the neighbor's house to use the phone because they didn't have a cell phone or theirs was dead and horrific, horrific. And my fear is there's gonna be AH, lot of other, you know, Uh, stories like that. We just haven't found them yet, and also took the corner up to 10 hours about 10 hours to get there. That makes sense. Yeah, Yeah, because of icy roads, icy roads and the medical examiner, the people that work there. They got their own lights and water issues. They're dealing with it. I get it, and it could been a lot of other issues just like this. And so it sounds like it was no longer in emergencies through horrific story, Horrific story and Show. What is the days goes on. I'm sure we're going to hear more. I mean, I hope not. I mean, there's a lot. There's a lot of old people out there that the only contact they have with someone Isa meals on wheels represented dropping off food. That's exactly right. And maybe maybe, you know deaths not directly because of the cold but contributed to a tria already weakened and, you know, lost powers help. Those numbers are low, but it would make sense that there would be more Listen. It is 8 54 here on the tide of Don show. And there's a big effort of the state capital to really crack down on those price gouging. You know that's happening out there across the state, especially when it comes to our electricity. In. Well, Here's a J. Nelson. She she chairs the state Senate Finance Committee. He convened a meeting of several of us to talk about this. We're gonna be meeting this week. We're going to be making decisions this week about we get very in depth discussions about what to do to stop this talking about that price gouging out there that some folks are seeing on their electric bills. You could join us at 51283605 90. Toll free 8775905525. Hey, we want to tell you about.

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