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Now. We're getting into the fucking david copperfield part all right so a little bit about muscle reading scientists attribute legitimate muscle reno to yup to the idiom motor response. You have someone like think of an object really hard while they hold your hand or your arm or whatever and the tiny movements in their hand lead you to the correct thing. Wow i want to be called up on stage to do that. We like jokes wizard. Learn some fucking fat reading. That's not gonna work. Just elbow deepen ear tommy. Are you sure there's muscle in their her okay. I'm telling you just hold my dowsing rod and you'll find liquid look. It's already bobbing having this. I'm doing a half the world just like david. I wanna say that scientists admit that thing where they all the hand in ideo motor responses is possible symbol. Maybe is it kind of but more often than not and we're sure about this. The former like has a secret assistant giving them sword right. Yes yes exactly. That's the key to deciphering any magic trick folks. It's always way less difficult than you're right ed to. Noah ed to pick up two cards all right. I got a little side note about brown the guy he stole this thing this act from they got so aside from inventing muscle reading he's most famous in magic for getting into a feud with another magician named baldwin who billed himself himself as the white mahatma what oh yeah now baldwin would do an act where he'd wear a super duper racist like quote unquote indian outfit and read minds and brown saw that and he starts doing the act in calling himself white maha round the white mahatma a- and in retaliation baldwin starts calling himself v original and only real white man to which brown response by calling himself the great the only the original white mob coincidentally. That's also prominent bullet point on elizabeth warren and c._v. To either way that little fight going on about who is the real slim mahatma commission where he attributes his muscle reading powers to his extraordinary brain and that claim is the basis whereas act is career for the rest of his life. I love that the basis for eli act in real life is just like yeah. It's a fucking curtain. She interesting every oh yeah no. It's kelly he's performing all over the right word at the end of that sentence eli room wow the truth truth released. I didn't forget a major skeptics name in front of the largest the world while they were staged standing next to me and were nice enough to introduce themselves. That's the good news. Anyways upon arriving in england bishop didn't do that he didn't do that. He generated a ton of press by offering to do several shows for charity. All he would take said was reimbursement for his expenses. At his premier mirror charity event to benefit the victorian children's hospital and chelsea the theater sold out and three hundred pounds in ticket sales were collected acted after expenses bishop gave the hospital just under nineteen pounds wow but in fairness the trump foundation still owes that children's hospital spital of bill so take.

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