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My <Speech_Male> <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Telephony_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> son last <Silence> year. so a <Speech_Male> pretty special thing. <Speech_Male> Really good program <Speech_Male> The <Speech_Male> bc major midget <Speech_Male> league major bantu <Speech_Male> league. It's it's <Speech_Male> on the up and up. It's a <Speech_Male> great league in <Speech_Male> the northwest <Speech_Male> socks is just <Speech_Male> unbelievable program. These <Speech_Male> guys do an awesome job. <Speech_Male> There <SpeakerChange> with christiane <Speech_Male> ryan hallway. <Speech_Male> Do you try to <Speech_Male> keep your <Speech_Male> keep your kids away from <Speech_Male> the fighting stuff <Speech_Male> you have. You <Speech_Male> went completely the other <Speech_Male> way or do you still wanda <Speech_Male> instill that top <Speech_Male> misunder <SpeakerChange> kids as far <Speech_Male> as playing now <Speech_Male> my <Speech_Male> kids. That's <Speech_Male> playing over there. He's <Speech_Male> a blue belt nam. <Speech_Male> Judo he <Speech_Male> does gala <Speech_Male> brasilia. Jet sued <Speech_Male> some kickboxing <Speech_Male> and boxing. <Speech_Male> So we make sure <Speech_Male> but he understands <Speech_Male> that you know. <Speech_Male> It's it's the t. <Speech_Male> Thinks he's the last samurai <Speech_Telephony_Male> on ice. <Speech_Male> But it's <Speech_Male> not going to happen. <Speech_Male> It's out of the game <Speech_Male> pretty marks. But <Speech_Male> i'll tell you what <Speech_Male> he's gonna be. <Speech_Male> He's ready to go if it <Speech_Music_Male> ever comes <SpeakerChange> down to it <Speech_Music_Male> but they <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> it's way different <Speech_Male> now and <Speech_Male> it won't ever be <Speech_Male> like it was but if <Speech_Male> you could play enhanced <Speech_Male> yourself you <Speech_Male> way <Speech_Male> more though now it <Speech_Male> doesn't matter it'll <Speech_Male> it'll forever <Speech_Male> matter in a sense <Speech_Male> it just <Speech_Male> like what it was. <Speech_Male> That's right that's <Speech_Male> no. I wouldn't <Speech_Male> want any of those <Speech_Male> like biscuit. <Speech_Male> Remember what he had <Speech_Male> worked in for breakfast. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I don't remember what i had <Speech_Male> for dinner. So <Speech_Male> i didn't actually have <Speech_Male> breakfast <Speech_Male> now. <Speech_Male> Forget <SpeakerChange> i don't <Speech_Male> forget what i had <Speech_Male> little. We don't want the kids <Speech_Male> to end up like that <Speech_Male> anymore. But it <Speech_Male> was the savage era that <Speech_Male> we had the opportunity <Speech_Male> plan it was <Speech_Male> entertaining for the fans. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> I know <Speech_Male> great for me. <Speech_Male> It got me <Speech_Male> a career so <Speech_Male> super <Speech_Male> super proud of that <Speech_Male> and how the game was. <Speech_Male> I'm glad it's evolved <Speech_Male> for these younger kids <Speech_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> body checkings <Speech_Male> always going to be part <Speech_Male> of it. So <Speech_Male> it's always <Speech_Male> going to be physical. <Speech_Male> Just made me obviously <Speech_Male> not <SpeakerChange> what used <Speech_Male> to happen. <Speech_Male> It's it's <Speech_Male> really cool to see that <Speech_Male> you know since your career <Speech_Male> long one at <Speech_Male> that that you're now into <Speech_Male> coaching and loving it <Speech_Male> so we appreciate you <Speech_Male> coming on because <Speech_Male> having never <Speech_Male> met you just seeing <Speech_Male> the documentary <Speech_Male> it was. It was cool. <Speech_Male> When i heard we were going to get to <Speech_Male> interview so <SpeakerChange> we appreciate <Speech_Male> it. <Speech_Male> I appreciate you <Speech_Male> guys man. I know you guys <Speech_Male> are huge. All <Speech_Male> all my coaches <Speech_Male> are coach under <Speech_Male> me. They all <Speech_Male> love. You guys. can't <Speech_Male> stop talking about you guys. <Speech_Male> I love <Speech_Male> it a hard time. But i <Speech_Male> as you guys are fucking <Speech_Male> former wilkes barre scranton <Speech_Male> penguins. But <Speech_Male> i've moved past <Speech_Male> e rescreen <Speech_Male> penguin. <Speech_Male> You guys are <Speech_Male> awesome by appreciate <Speech_Male> you guys have neon <Speech_Male> and sharing my story <Speech_Male> taking <SpeakerChange> that time <Speech_Male> to do that <Speech_Male> whenever you <Speech_Male> very much. Thanks <Speech_Male> coming with us. <Speech_Male> Appreciate it very much. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Corpus

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