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Hour we'll get into Joel, pain democratic strategists him as President Trump for. Action John McCain is passing at the bottom of the next. Hour we have Nathan false from neighborhood editor of and contributor to the San Francisco Business, Times extortion scams, yelp extortion for, restaurants similar similar to the diner dash guy kind of makes me feel at. Restaurants now A little different all kinds of ways of people are taking advantage of. Restaurants when I'm thinking the right now Jim Roope we're talking about net neutrality Jim are there any other models. Out. There such, as how we've, dealt, with, telephones a radio. That is how people. Are sort of modeling what, to do with the internet well if net. Neutrality means under the net neutrality principles that internet service providers. Are not able to intentionally block slowdown or charge money for specific websites and online content, the closest thing, that you could, get on a common carrier type situation like this would be the cable industry okay As far as telephone telecommunications goes or telephony in general think doll lumped into one but I think the best comparison maybe the cable TV industry when it was. Nearly a monopoly before the dish network and all these other satellite services came into play there was pretty much. A You know the the fees and? Everything, that. Went along with k right in in in certain channels having to pay x. amount of dollars to be, on this particular cable system and, so wouldn't it be fair, though but that was really corrected, by competition is the government looking at it that way at all yeah absolutely while the marketplace usually for a free market system kind. Of ferrets all that out It makes all that work, if you don't have a free market system of course it doesn't but in. That's where the government regulations really shit, stop just in making sure that there's? A free market system so really there's this is kind? Of, as. You said before you went into break this is sort of a brand new territory This net, neutrality thing and what can, and cannot happen well it's interesting did you, have a sense of where it's gonna go I think. The state of California will adopt it's these net. Neutrality rules especially since, it, has gone, through the committee process back and forth so much with amendments that. There really two bills there's a SBA eight eight twenty two which really defines what the. Net neutrality laws would be in that no ISP can intentionally block slowdown or charge money for specific website websites or online content the other one s four. Sixty would enforce would help enforce that law or provide, penalties for any company that does not comply to the net, neutrality? Rules what was it. Not the case that the federal government one of the. States, have solve. Their own problems with this right so this is good That was Donald Trump's initial ten really wanted to back so he was well let states deal with. This well here we are all right I'm all for, it I think it's good I this is the system working, fantastic? Finally some good news Yeah Yeah Even though I understand that will work state to state if there's no federal system supposed to, work it's a states go to their local governments figured out the Federal Trade Commission is still. Involves so there still is regulation on a federal. Level so there's no Hanky behavior as far as that. Goes but the states then according to this, rollback back by the FCC of the SEC regulations is that the state sent can really determine how're what can happen with ice peas in their particular. State it is might make it a lot easier to for states to provide five for instance. Downtown so people can community, wifi, Jim we've got to wrap it up here as, always we really appreciate. It ABC's Jim Roope, we'll talk again soon My pleasure thank you got at Florence Dr,.

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