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Hulu buddy levin i episode five deuce 52 adam foote one up two thousand one c a header how yeah footer a our ages try telling me i look like 40s got the biggest now more by stories slight resembling use hugh is on machine by the way you'll have talk about old school tough fucking nasty hogging perfect example why you need to hide knows defensive defensman to win championships latest matt greens pay comes on the tv la kinda nasty mac green was and big nasty to fight yeah yeah unity if those guys made greenery greener what's up episode 52s fit jiggles brought to you by barstools sports what's up guys i already set it do let's go that's hall and working with the program his pats it all right zap heated everything off someone only up that day are big trade since i last episode finally i also you don't remember when i predicted do she and we get trade i thought i sit around thanksgiving you said before things so i i review those members because he texted me and told me i guys actually said thanks giving no one expected it solve just to get you up to speed are going to combine is correct name not too shabby nuts the mattress duchenne went to ottawa kyle tell us what's a national and joe sagging colorado he held out for a bounty and he got it he got four players three picks i know i call it a a win win win trade i know we got like what we were talking about tax me which they yeah we're gonna need a few years to determine who actually won the trade but i think in the immediacy after each team had prevailed pretty good about the team the next day and yet it's the right now it's like nobody can can be upset lego kinda came away winner now we don't i think that.

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