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The people that think that miguel and horsley reason we can't acquire manny machado listen miguel like just said mcclellan heart is a very ruutel guy we wanted him in the spur inspir train you'd be our third basement he's been way more than we into spaded at third base he's been pretty good fielder i guess typically he's not the best fielder life you go sabermetrics saver metric wise i think someone said he's actually zero war feeling is the average right which i guess would be yeah and then hitting wise i mean he just want ale player rookie of the month is the most doubles as a rookie he's been fantastic but to manny machado do don't like don't let that potential lineup of let's say it's brett gardner aaron judge much chateaux stanton sanchez glaze over what the fuck you do with that we do with that it's fully ball out one thing with with machado do you think he'll have any hesitation going to third basic saying i'm shortstop i wanna play by clearly beatty's shortstop i my personal thinking that he wants to be so bad he's kinda gotta understand that i think he said he gets the taste of pennant race and he'll be like all right well you know i'll play dates half i think honestly that the shortstop bullshit stuff is bullshit i think he'll gladly third base but if that's not the case in he's a stubborn prick which very well could because he's got that superstar to him and he just likes playing shortstop and i'm sure like the aura of being short stuff in the yankees is something that really you know attracts to him if if that's the case i think dd roy's is the perfect guy like the unselfish guy that he would have no problem moving to second base he's played it a little bit in the majors waiver third glacier goes the third i think both guys are capable of doing that and i think dede would welcome dd would be like fine i'm team player like do whatever like i don't think it would phase him i guess yeah i mean d i dunno i is a good short that on account of number sometimes are weird with him defensively but he's a good shortstop care what any number say and machado is proven to be a good third basement i don't wanna move all these guys around airfield only playing musical chairs infield i understand if you have to do it you do it to accommodate a superstar like machado but look era did it air on moves from shortstop to third why can't he and speaking of aero we'll get into this now taking could he be taking a rotten number thirteen that is the right thing i think i said today to you in the office that only number thirteen be retired it should be hanging from the stadium like how the knicks and the rangers only one hanging yeah they have like you know the banners the rafters or whatever hanging nets what a art should have i don't know where it could hang from maybe just like the upper deck like behind home plate something maybe in the app field right above the huge scoreboard is the big one three pinstripe two one three that's it and face but i don't like machado wearing and you're saying they're like you know they're poised or whatever l no problem giving it up to his idol is route number should be retired i just thought of this era ever pulls a jeeter and like becomes a minority stakeholder and a team and owns the team he's he's just gonna put a mural himself incentive for sure is it is it a bad thing if i say that arod number should be like jackie robinson where it's retire all across baseball thirteen yeah i think it is a bad thing yeah good thing mean say good that would be a bad thing if i said a weaker man would have said that but you held research wow yeah but so if you were to ask me i would predict that the next time we are speaking on here he's gonna be yankee i would predict i think they will i ever little all three to get people like i wouldn't be shocked if it.

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