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And now it's time to unite as one family one community to build the next era for this team and the city and quotes and according to washington post. The name and logo are inspired by the hope memorial bridge which leads to progressive field and is home to massive stone statues known as the guardians of traffic. The idea according to information about the name change offered on the team's website is to pay homage to the guardians of traffic watching over the city as hangs noted in the video. The team released the goal is to preserve cleveland's baseball tradition and the teams place in the city and quotes of course. There's predictably been a bit of backlash but most people are applauding. The change with some maybe disappointed. It wasn't changed to something cooler. Although i'd say picking something that promoted local pride and resiliency was pretty safe move and while the team has had their former name for just over a century. It's not their original name. Since the franchise's founding as a minor league team in eighteen ninety four they've been called many names including the rustlers the lake shores the bluebirds or the blues. The naps or the napoleon's and the spiders quoting indian country today. According to cleveland baseball history the indians name was chosen in nineteen fifteen honor. Louis sockalexis of the pinup scott tribe. Who played for the then. Cleveland spiders in eighteen ninety seven joe poznansky of nbc sports however found in two fourteen th the name was actually the creation of a group of sports writers in nineteen fifteen looking to renew fan interest in the poorly performing cleveland. Naps sports writers at the cleveland. Plain dealer and other newspapers created eight nomenclature committee and sponsored a contest in which fans could choose a new name for the team. The sockalexis story was entirely untrue. A bit of state funded propaganda to conceal the obvious fact. Cleveland team was named the indians only to capitalize on the many racist cliches. That could be used to promote the team. It was glorious opportunity for hilarious native american jokes and race specific cliches insults that fit well in headlines. Poznansky wrote and quotes. Amanda black horse of the denomination. And who has long fought against native themed mascots told indian country today quote. This victory belongs to the native people and organizations within cleveland who've been fighting this issue for decades. Although this change should have happened decades ago. I hope other franchises like the kansas city team and the atlanta team can learn from this and move away from native mascots and slur names and quotes the cleveland guardians will be retaining their team colors of red white navy. The full changeover will debut at the start of the twenty twenty two season back in june. I told you about some of the youngest olympians headed to tokyo this year. Twelve year olds sky brown from the uk and kono hiraki from japan who will be competing in the park. Category of skateboarding won't earlier. Today was the final four street skateboarding and the top two winners ended up being thirteen year. Old genie shia from japan. Who won gold and thirteen year old. Al from brazil who won the silver teenage girls are absolutely crushing it at the olympics this year and i think it's awesome. Can't wait to watch them take over the world anyways. It is great to be back huge. Thank you to glenn fleishman for taking over. While i was away i was tuning in well. I was on the road. And i particularly enjoyed his segments about the standardization of paper sizes. More interesting than it. Sounds like the explainer on all of those seed packets that people mysteriously got from china in twenty twenty and the history of new coke. If you missed any of those definitely go back and give him a listen and be sure to follow glenn on twitter to keep up with his other work but that is it from me for today as always the show was produced by ride home media and cocky dot org. I am jackson beard. And i will talk to you again tomorrow.

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