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This time a year ago, I don't know who we would have predicted, but it certainly wouldn't have been Emma rata. One of the greatest stories in sports ever, I don't know if we're going to see something of that scale this year. Happening at the U.S. open, but well, let's have a look and see if anything might be possible. Let's start with the first quarter of the draw. The top seed, world number one. Not the easiest of drawers. She hasn't had the greatest of form of late. Jesse pagola is in this section of the draw, also Petra kvitova, who's in good form of late Amanda and nismo, perhaps a lurking perhaps she could be going on a run here. I don't know. Chris, what are your initial thoughts? Where do you feel that she on tech is heading? Do you think she'd be happy with the draw that she's been given? I think it's a mixed bag for her, really. I think every match is kind of tricky, especially at the start of a slam, and I think that the first first round match, I think, is a good first round match. I think you wouldn't necessarily want to see slowed Stevens as a potential second round opponent. You were always going to say that. I was wondering shall I interrupt and be like, Kim, you haven't said slow. And then I thought, no, no, no. I'll wait my time. I weigh my time, a white patiently. But slow at the U.S. open, even if she has gone out to players, she has played very well when she's gone out. I think at the U.S. open. So I'd love to see that match because I think it was entertaining when we saw it the other week. And I think that that would be a good one to sink our teeth into that, especially that would be great for the tournament and for viewers. I think fans would love that one. I am backing in a sim over a little bit here. I think that it's a really good draw for her. She hasn't played that much, and I'm not really sure what her formal level is like, but I do think she's put together a really, really fantastic season after obviously going through some personal tragedy, following a breakout season, and I think that playing in front of home fans with that added support. I think she could do something really special. And I think the same is true for Jesse pagola, I think. She's put together some great results, some great results and grand slams, great results in American hard courts. I think as well. So I think that between the Americans, I think they might be fighting for this quarter. I'm a little bit sad about Jesse pegula because or not Jesse puget, more Elise mertens because mertens could face peculiar in round three and I think that would break mertens is incredible, round four streak potentially. It's around three streaks, so we're in the clear gel, we're in the clearest round three. Oh, is it round three straight? Otherwise. That would have been headline news exactly. But yeah, no, pigeons are real, yeah, one to watch, I think, in this top quarter, particularly because this eager stream on tech doesn't feel like the all conquering eager field tech, we saw those months ago, we are not particularly on the clay season. A couple of first round matches I'm interested in, garbine muguruza versus Clara torsen. I mean, we all know muguruza's struggles on the tour recently put a lot of wins here. I think she's only had one win at grand slams this year. Against Clara torsten in the first round again, that it for me is a very, very tough match up and I would not be surprised if torsen comes away with a victory there and I don't know. A social media announcement from muguruza saying that she split with a coach. I don't know, but for me, that is a very tough opening match. And we've also got Yelena oster penko versus Qing Wen zheng, who did so well earlier on earlier on in the season that the was it at the French Open. Oh yes. Yes, she had that 5. Oh no, she had the injury, didn't she? She was playing against spontaneity at the French. Yes. Exactly. I think those are two players, and two seeded players, osteen, muguruza, who could potentially be going out early and I think, again, open up this drawer for the players around her, including who knows Petra kvitova who, again, had a great week in Cincinnati. Yeah, I feel that muguruza, if she, if she beats tours and I'd be really surprised and certainly, I don't see 30 states here going far at all based on recent form. But no one's mentioned sphere canon and on a wild card, interestingly, she's got a reason Kim. You'll need Maya of Wimbledon fave in the first round. Well yeah, I've been canon and it's a moment could be the second round, but I don't know. I feel like she's getting there. It's a bit serious I feel for canon, right? Perhaps. Yeah. Well, she is a she is a Grand Slam champion. What about Bernard apert? I feel like the Bernard bearer hype died a few weeks ago when she had all the duo. She was winning all those matches, you know, winning what packed it to back titles. Not really been spoken about. Again, she's unseated here, got calling her in the first round. Perica vitova potentially in the second round again. That could be a quite an interesting playing the semifinal. Interesting. She's playing the semifinal of tennis in the land. Tonight, she's playing that. And she actually took out canon and I saw her tweet that said, the first person to take a set off para since before doesn't know the French Open or something crazy.

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