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I'm Leah Brandon. The general assembly getting back to work today. They'll be new leadership in both the state Senate and house of representatives. There are twenty seven new Alice reps and four new senators the Tennessee and says thirty lawmakers in office last year are not returning leaders and lawmakers reacting to governor Bill Haslam decision to grant convicted killer sin Toya Brown clemency. Democratic state Senator Brenda Gilmore says the commutation of Brown sentence was an answer to prayers and the king would have turned eighty four today. In celebration a live auction at Graceland is going to be held today. Some of the items are one of a kind Elvis experienced the red velvet shirt that he wore during a homecoming concert in Tupelo and the original sales agreement for Graceland. Get the latest news timesaver traffic in Nashville weather on demand now or anytime at WNYC dot com. Waking up on the rights. This is the Sean Hannity morning minute. This president in particular was elected as somebody that was meant to be a fighter in a disruptor. And I think that's what hap- -solutely drives. The establishment breezy about him. He will not ever conform into what they view as the establishment president that they can control and literally he's he's done such a good job of exposing corruption in government. But he's also exposed that there's another way to thread the needle and actually get things done. And that's the focus like a laser beam on the whatever the issue is and drive the agenda from coast to coast from sea to shining sea, the Sean Hannity show. Smoking is not about politics. It's about people. There.

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