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Front of this effort we talking about the same Iowa Vice President Mike Pence at the White House this week praising the great success story that is Iowa Iowa leading the pack rolling out testing at a record pace got lots of testing troubles in Iowa. People are waiting like two weeks plus for their results. I don't I'm not sure why. The White House thinks that things are going awesome in Iowa. They have testing trouble. They have several of the fastest growing outbreaks in the country in Iowa. They terribly with social distancing they actually never did a stay at home order and they have lots of I mean. Don't think for me I will say the local press in that part of the country itself appears mystified by this characterization from the White House that Iowa's doing great the Quad City Times out of Eastern Iowa ran with this headline quote pence calls. Iowa's success story as virus related deaths and hospitalizations. Climb that more unregistered. Made a similar point quote although pence this week called Iowa a success story it's handling of the pandemic rates of infection continue to climb across the state when columnist with the Omaha World in Nebraska simply tweeted a picture that success storyline From pence with this caption are we in upside. Are we in the upside down against that? Backdrop Vice President Pence visited Iowa today ended up arriving an hour late after the news broke that his press secretary had tested positive for Corona Virus. Because of that other staff members on board his Flight. Rask to deplane plane and go get tested so the vice president was late by the time he actually landed in Iowa. Iowa was dealing with a flood of headlines about one of the meat processing plants in the state that pence have been bragging about on Wednesday at the White House bragging. About how great it was that it was reopening ahead of yesterday's reopening of Tyson meat processing plant in Waterloo Iowa. The Governor Kim Reynolds had soberly announced that more than four hundred workers at that plant had tested positive. That was yesterday. Today as pence pence was finally belatedly lending. The state was grappling with headlines. About the fact that it's not actually four hundred workers from that one plant like the governor said just yesterday turns out to be more than a thousand workers at that one plant in Waterloo Iowa who have become infected more than a thousand workers from one plant. That's not to mention their families their community contacts. Nothing just the workers over one thousand cases one plant Iowa more than doubled since the governor's sober assurances yesterday for whatever reason the White House seems very invested. Lauding Iowa a great success story. I had to pick a state. I wouldn't pick them. And I mentioned the Omaha World Herald and the reaction of their columnist to that characterization about Iowa part of the country is having trouble honestly a particularly in the places where those states come together one of the reasons that Sioux City Iowa is dealing with one of the worst outbreaks in the whole country is thought to be because of a huge meat processing plant. That's just across the Missouri River in Nebraska Dakota County Nebraska. That County Dakota County just saw a record surgeon new cases their largest number of new cases in one day. Yet at three hundred. Sixty one positives in one day. And that's a county with only twenty thousand people in it. We don't know how many of those positive cases are workers from that Dakota County plant which also just reopened. The plant is not announcing how many of its workers are infected. Nebraska's governor says the plants don't have to say how many of their workers have tested positive. He says it's a business decision. It's their call. But that County Dakota county just across the Missouri River from Sioux City. Iowa Dakota County does have a population of less than twenty thousand people in their up. Fourteen hundred cases overall now not testing in the first place not allowing test results to be made. When they're testing. I mean denying that these outbreaks exist or that they attend to any specific place or workplace is a bad strategy. It's it's a specific kind of bad though to kind of bad that one Nebraska state senator is now calling a political cover up in his state. He joins US next. Stay.

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