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There are only a handful of Warren Beatty films that I go back to. This is one of them and McCabe and MRs Miller is another one. So if you want a good one to go to next, I would say go to that one is the one that inspired so low according to Nashville. I have no idea. I'm just letting you know that in articles written about MC McCabe and MRs Miller, they claimed that it spiraled not only Star Wars but so low. So I really don't know how that happened while it's called grasping at straws when you have no other way create contents. No, I never seen a Warren Beatty phone before. I've never seen Bonnie. CLYDE. I've never seen Bulworth is had a movie that people like you probably shouldn't brag about net seeing Bonnie CLYDE. I'm also never seen the karate kid, so you're gonna miss much. I haven't seen the karate kid since I was a kid and I don't really. I don't get it. I know people love it. I know evidently Cobra KYW's like a lot better than everybody thought it was going to be, but I just I don't know. What did never did never get me, but I am curious. We're talking about having never seen movies that people are supposed to have seen. I, I mean, I guess like for me, things with Warren bonding CLYDE has movie. I should have seen like when when you guys talk to people are there's, is there a movie that you're like a shaved that you've never seen? Because like Mike's never seen Star Wars, so, but I have seen McCain of MRs Miller, which is the same thing guarding designed. Phil zip Rynski point is one that I was jumps to mind. Really. I say I've only seen one in Tony film and have never cared to go back, but I hear that I'm missing out. I've never seen Lawrence of Arabia, and that is one that I'm kind of like holding out for because I wanna see on a big screen and Cleopatra for the same reason. They're both just like their epic movies that I want. You know, film that he wide screen. I wanna see that vast nece on a huge screen. Yes. I feel like that's a legitimate reason what I what I've had this conversation people to like you've never seen XYZ movie like, I don't know. I just never got excited about seeing karate kid like I know all the I know all the pizza that, like I know this week delay, Johnny and all that. It's like, why do I need to watch it? I know all the beats. It's part of the pop culture kind of guys early. It was for the eighties in the eighties or cool again. So back to the fact that I never seen buying CLYDE, I'd more inclined to watch it now because I really liked were beady in this movie. Oh, could I've always had issues with that scene where we kind of rejoined the narrative and it's freaky going through the house in saying that he lost his parrot because it's just like, I'm not really sure what's going on. Even after reading all those screenplays in the book and all that kind of stuff. I still don't know what the hell's going on is he leading the police to somebody's house so that they can arrest the people. Now's, it just seems. The normal everyday people. So I've never been able to understand the scene though the way that Beatty goes through the house and he stands outside and we're seeing him through the windows. I mean, we're gonna get this framing of him outside a lot or characters outside because we're going to get that same thing with Paula Prentiss and he's going to mention her saying that she lost her cat. So I guess he loses his parrot. She loses her cat, but that whole weird like we're standing outside looking in kind of thing. It's a great metaphor, but I have no freaking idea why the cops are following him and all this kind of senators is big argument that happens. Did you guys follow any of that stuff? I didn't. And I'm glad you said that because I felt like I felt like right after that will sequences over. Did I miss something? Is their portion of movie that I like fall asleep for him. It just felt like nothing really connected there. It was just kinda like a little weird filler..

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