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The top players in the nba when they see a nightly basis are the thunder in the same category in class a say the rockettes and the warriors i'd say not yet and this was another test for them against houston so me while he was thin just cruising along right they have lost in sixteen games sweet sixteen for the houston rockets life is good you know what's crazy they only have a half game lead over the golden state warriors but that's nuts you win sixteen straight games and still are lead is the list of margins thanks to the warriors and steph curry brave audrey grandma now chased while trail trailing curry eighty greece out of the way i'd just like dan or golhan's wachira tim roy with the call of the warriors surge they a couple of them actually but the critical one within the third quarter i this was a fees thaw affair but at oracle you had a twenty five point rodna for the warriors in the first quarter they literally scored twenty five consecutive points they built a 21point lead against the net the visiting nuts except in a second quarter the warriors only scored thirteen points 13 at got really lacks on their defense there were a ton of a layups from the nets and so just like that the lead was gone in fact at the half the nets were leading at golden state but then in the third quarter step have curry got hot again and he was able to score 34 points also had six rebounds and he becomes the seventh warrior in franchise history with five thousand made field goals joining the likes of a wilt chamberlain enter rick berry so yeah history for steph curry he.

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